A Serve of Romance

paperback racquet and ballsIt’s hard to avoid tennis puns when thinking of blog post titles for a tennis romance. Love match. An ace of a story! A new spin on the sports genre. So really, the one I’ve picked isn’t too bad.

Whatever slice I put on this post, Code of Conduct tells the story of Viva Jones, a top tennis player battling to remain at the top of the game, and Gabriela Mendaro, an umpire, striving to reach the pinnacle of her career: gold badge umpire. Trouble is, players and officials must keep their distance, a rule that is written in the officials’ code of conduct.

Whatever pun you choose,  Code of Conduct is available everywhere next Wednesday, 4 July.

Of course, if  you can’t wait that long, you can get it right now direct from Ylva Publishing.  And of course it’s on preorder everywhere else.

In the meantime though, and to distract myself from bad tennis puns, here’s the first chapter.

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Tennis Season!

Amelie MauresmoI’ve lost count of how many times I’ve used this photo in a post. A lot. Because I love it.  I love it for many reasons: tennis is my sporting passion and Amelie Mauresmo (now retired) represented the pinnacle of women’s tennis for me. Huge skill, power, supreme athleticism, grace, fire, and persistence.  An all-court, attacking game with a huge variety of strokes. She won two grandslam titles: the Aussie Open and Wimbledon. She was gracious and calm in the face of criticism about her personal life, her physique, and her temperament.  When she was 19, she outed herself at the Australian Open after winning the final, when she jumped into the arms of her lover.  She basically shrugged at the backlash, called the detractors “a little stupid” and carried on.  Amelie Mauresmo is forever and always my Number 1 tennis crush. 🙂

Putting aside the sheer enjoyment of watching (and playing) tennis, it’s also one of the few sports where women earn the same as men (more for some of them, once endorsements are factored in), and where the sport receives equal viewing coverage. Continue reading “Tennis Season!”

(Re)Release: Sweet Spot by Lucy Felthouse

sweetspotI’m a huge tennis fan.  I can’t tell you one single thing about rugby, or American football, or hockey, or any team sport, but if you want to know who won Wimbledon in 2006, or the players in the women’s game with the best one-handed backhand, well, I’m your woman. Most years, I go to the Brisbane International tournament and watch matches and practice, and soak up the atmosphere.

So when a story comes out that is a lesbian romance with tennis, I’m all over it.

I read Sweet Spot some time ago, and loved it, so I’m very happy to participate in the blitz for its re-release.  Lucy always tells a good story–a good steamy story–and in Sweet Spot those two things are both to the fore(hand). But it’s also a great story about tennis, and for all the out players in the women’s game, and for the fact that tennis is one sport where the women earn equal winnings as the men (and quite often more in endorsements), there are surprisingly few lesbian tennis stories.

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Locker Room

I have a story, “Run, Jo, Run” coming out this year in “Locker Room ” edited by Ily Goyanes. The publication date seems to be fall 2012, but details are sketchy at this early stage, so I have no cover or table of contents to share as yet.

The anthology is a lesbian one with a sporty theme. I love sporty! And although my story is one about running, I don’t need an excuse to post this pic again:
Amelie Mauresmo

I play tennis (badly), and I run (slowly), and swim (flounderingly). Then there’s boxercise, step aerobics, weights, bushwalking. I guess you could say I’m the sporty type. So yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing this anthology hit the shelves.

I’m not sure yet who else is in there. Anyone want to pipe up and share?

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