Sudden Sex: 69 Sultry Stories“Sudden Sex: 69 Sultry Stories” the explosive new anthology edited by Alison Tyler lives up to the promise of its title. 69 short short stories from a variety of writers, familiar and new.

The collection includes two of my stories: “Night Visitor” and “Consequences”.

Alison is whipping together a blog tour full of mini reviews. Oh the indecision. Which one(s) did I want to review? All of them, was the short answer. Particularly stories with titles such as “Rubber Chicken”, “Sugar Upsets My Vagina” and “Queen of Parking Lot Blowjobs”. However, I settled for reviewing two of my favorite stories in the book (it was so hard to pick; at last count I had a dozen that were my “absolute favorite”).

Short reviews for short stories. Don’t stop here though. Get the book and keep reading.

One story that jumped out at me was “Come to the Light” by Maria See.

A butch with DDD breasts.  I loved this subtle little story, and how it throws aside stereotypes. Butches shouldn’t have big breasts – they should be small and barely there on muscled chests or bound into submission.  Sade, the butch in Maria See’s gem of a story, doesn’t want her lover to see her breasts.  But to her lover, they’re beautiful, something to be made love to and worshiped.

Insecurities are turned around in this story, along with stereotypes. I love the tenderness and trust that the new lovers display. I got the impression that these two would be going forward into their lives together.

The second story I picked was “Tripartite” by Georgia E Jones.

Two men. One woman. A day at the beach and a walk back through the trees to the truck. This atmospheric story is about that most delicious of scenarios: friends into lovers.

This story is the complete package. The warmth between friends grows so naturally, builds on the simmering attraction until it explodes with sensual passion before leaving us with the promise of more.  There’s beautiful writing too:

“He said something—the dark voice of a cautionary tale—and held my hips in broad-palmed hands and did it for me.”

I got to the end of this and went straight back to the beginning to read it a second time.