I am seriously crap at resolutions, both making them and sticking to them, which is why I seldom do. Word counts, things I will do, things I will not do. Doesn’t matter. They all slide away into the distance, in a blur of sunshine and glitter.

But for 2015, I’m going to make a couple of vague and ephemeral ones. Maybe I’ll stick to them, maybe not.

Writing: This year will be my year of writing longer. Longer length works, that is, not necessarily more time. This is something that is hard for me. For years, I’ve loved the succinct and immediate nature of short stories, and even when I start out to write a longer piece, I write The End–or as I’ve always done, for reasons that are long forgotten–I write (((FIN)))–and find I’ve once again come in at under 5,000 words. But last year, stories that were supposed to be short turned long, so maybe the tide is changing in this department.

Another anthology. That one is already underway. Stay tuned for a Call For Submissions from me for another lesbian erotica anthology through Ladylit.

Short stories. Yes, still happening. My first love in writing. But I’m going to be pickier about what I write, and how I write, and where I send them. Indie publishing? Maybe. We’ll see.

Non-writing things? Time to get serious about fitness again. It’s hard with creaky joints and old injuries that don’t go away, but there must be something that I can sustain without reaching for the Voltaren and ice. With fitness, I hope to drop a few kilos that have appeared since I stopped running.

I will make more cheese, I will cook with love, I will spend more time enjoying the peace in the mornings with a coffee, rather than checking my email. I’ll finally find out what that damn bird is that sounds like a car alarm and goes on just as long. I’ll throw away my clothes when holes appear instead of keeping them for another six months. I’ll resist the temptation to dye my hair (why change the habit of a lifetime?). I’ll stop wasting time on the internet. I’ll learn to tumble turn in the pool. I’ll stick to the speed limit (more or less and most of the time).

Maybe I’ll keep one or two of these resolutions. Maybe not. But that’s the fun of going with the flow.

Peace, love and happiness for 2015.