What to do when not writing

20160313_140658I’ve had my head down and bum up on the writing front for the last few months.  It’s been terrific, and I feel I’ve made good progress. But this weekend, the only writing I’m doing is this blog post (oh, and a shopping list, but that doesn’t count).

I like to take little mini breaks away from writing from time to time. It keeps things fresh, and even though I’m not consciously thinking about my story, I’ll quite often have a little random thought pop into my head that time away has allowed to surface.   The last random thought was “must check the range of green tree frogs in Queensland” (Answer: pretty much everywhere, especially where you least expect them. Especially any toilet where someone left the lid up.) Continue reading “What to do when not writing”

There’s a greyhound called…

There’s a greyhound called Cheyenne Blue registered with the Greyhound Racing Victoria 🙂


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