Noon and Night

Morning, Noon and Night

Good morning Smutters and welcome to my post on Alison Tyler’s blog tour for “Morning, Noon and Night”.

Yes, it is morning right now. 5am, Australian time, to be exact. The sun is already up, I can see kangaroos grazing in the paddock out of the window and the lorikeets are making enough racket to make sleep impossible. I’ve been up for 45 minutes, been for a run, and I’m now sitting down (all sweaty and stinky) with a coffee to write this post.

When Alison put out her call for “Morning, Noon and Night” she asked us to nominate the hour we would like to write about. Unsurprisingly, I asked for early morning, and she gave me 7am. At first, I was thinking about writing wake-up-and-pump the day sex, about hook ups at the gym, about coffee, about camping and waking way too early because nylon mesh is so crap at keeping out daylight. But instead, what emerged was a story about the change of day.

My story, “7am: Change of Shift” is about Andrea, a night-shift nurse, and Kai a junior doctor. Their working hours mean they often only connect as one is coming home from work and the other is leaving. So for Andrea, their lovemaking is sleepy-time sex, bone-tired, drifting, low energy sex, but for Kai it’s fizzing, just awake, let-me-at-the-day sex.

There’s no gyms or tents in this story, but there is coffee.

Here’s an excerpt:

He nods. He understands the jerky pace of the operating room at night: adrenaline, and hasty bites of tepid cafeteria leftovers when it’s busy; chatter, catnaps, and reheated home cooked food when it’s quiet. He glances at the clock and Andrea says, “You can sleep for another hour if you want.”

“No.” He moves to one side of the bed. “Join me?”

“I need a shower first.”

“Later. After I’ve left.” He flips the sheet back and reveals his erection, large and luscious, lying flat against his belly.

Kai’s morning time erections are indeed a thing of wonder. Kai is far from her first lover, but his cock is impressive, even by Andrea’s standards. It’s as if his arousal is tied to the dawn, running in sync with the building of the day. She’s watched him before, and as dawn’s fingers creep through the cracks in the blinds, as darkness segues to gray morning, Kai swells along with the light.

The luscious Jeremy Edwards wrote a lovely review of my story, and I wrote a review of one of my favorite stories, Kristina Lloyd’s “5pm: Somewhere”.

Do check out the rest of Alison’s blog tour. There are prizes!

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Morning, Noon, Night and 7am Change of Shift

A couple of days ago, I reviewed Kristina Lloyd’s wonderful “5p.m. Somewhere” as part of Alison Tyler’s circle of love – authors reviewing authors.

Now, the lusciously literate Jeremy Edwards has reviewed my story in “Morning, Noon and Night”. I have to say that Alison’s introduction and Jeremy’s review have made me insufferable all day. Inane grinning and non stop good humor can really annoy people, especially if you don’t tell them why. Check out what Alison and Jeremy have to say. Yowsa! 🙂

Morning, Noon, Night, and 5pm Somewhere

When I receive a new erotica anthology, the first thing I do is check the table of contents. Mainly it’s to check that I’m really there (after eleven years and over seventy stories I still can’t quite believe it), but after that it’s to check who else is there. Writers that I’ve come to love over the years or the newer writer whose story I adored in a previous anthology. And although I always read the stories in order, I have a sort of mental list: “Ooooh, story by A. coming up next!” or “Clever title story by someone new to me soon”.

Kristina Lloyd is in the first category. Quite simply, I love her stories. So when Alison Tyler, editor of the upcoming “Morning, Noon and Night” called for writers with a story in the anthology to do a mini-review of another story, I jumped on Kristina. Well, not literally.

Kristina’s story “Five p.m. Somewhere” is everything I love about erotica. It’s smart, it’s clever, it’s original, it shows the imperfections and the people behind the tab A into slot B, and it’s hot.

Kristina’s story is about a couple who celebrate their wedding anniversaries by recreating the cocktails they drank on their first date: whisky sour for him, dirty martini for her. Only problem is that Brynn forgot the gin. And they’re snowed in miles from the nearest grog shop. Kristina’s character gets pissy. She sulks, she takes a bath, and that’s when Brynn shows his creative side

One thing I love about this story is the reality of it. Erotica can be, well, somewhat fantastical at times (and there’s nothing wrong with that, says the writer who once wrote about a couple having sex on the wing of a biplane). But the stories that touch me most, the memorable ones, the slice of life ones. Real people. Real situations. Real sex. Real hot sex. Kristina has nailed all of these. I love the way she works the little details so skillfully in the writing: Brynn’s hair wonky with static. The feel of a rough towel on tender places. Of a 69 with someone, not for the first time but the 1,000th. Kristina’s writing flows with a natural fluency that is so easy to read, so easy to get carried along in the story.

I’m not going to give away the details of Kristina’s story, but I defy any reader not to love Brynn’s solution to the no gin problem.

I’d like to borrow Brynn. My cocktail of choice is a Harvey Wallbanger.

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