I’ve been running around like a blue-arsed fly this week. Moving housesit, which means the old one has to be left spotless and pets reassured they’re not being abandoned, and then into the new housesit, which means lot of blundering around opening cupboards and saying “Surely they have a kitchen scale/lemon squeezer/coffee plunger?”. This is a repeat assignment so it’s a bit like settling back into a friend’s house. The pets already know and love us, and the view is as great as it was when last we saw it.

This particular house is owned by a real foodie, so I’ve been diving back into his cookbooks and planning our meals around recipes I’ve always wanted to try. Any esoteric Asian ingredient I could possibly want is either growing in the garden or in a jar in the pantry. Tonight will be a slow-cooked braised beef Thai-fusion curry, with the red paste made from scratch. Tomorrow will be Nargisi Kofta (sort of Indian Scotch eggs in sauce) and Aloo Gobi. I’ll be grinding and chopping for hours. Heaven!

Because I’ve been enjoying Harper Bliss’ lists of things she did in a week, here’s mine (although it’s not as exciting as hers).

– Moved housesit. We are now back with our dear doggie friends – a Tenterfield Terrier and a Mini-Foxy. Add in a very sweet, very deaf mutt into the mix and there’s endless tummy rubs and cuddles and walks.

– Tried a new sourdough method. More complex, more kneading (air kneading, which basically means throwing it around and slapping it down on the bench).

– Had a fight with the boss in The Job That Pays Me Every Week. We called it a draw, and he’s been VERY nice to me all week. Which shows that it pays to stand up to bullies. Probably not the most intelligent thing to do in pay review week though.

– Made a big batch of Tomato Kasundi.

– Talked to the accountant. Now waiting to hear the damage.

– Had cortisone injected into my knee. No exercise for a week. 🙁

– Joined the new gym that has opened up 2 minutes from The Job That Pays Me Every Week. Step Aerobics starts Wednesday! Oh, but I’ve missed that. They also have a great boxing set up. Perfect for the lunch hour.

– Thought about writing something. Didn’t. 🙁