This week only: Forbidden Fruit for 99c

This week’s My LesFic deal includes my anthology, Forbidden Fruit: stories of unwise lesbian desire. There’s some amazing writers and stories in this: names you’ll know such as Emily L Byrne, Harper Bliss, Sacchi Green, Jean Roberta, Lisabet Sarai, and Erzabet Bishop, plus some supremely talented newcomers. Check out Rebecca Lynne Fullan’s surreal story “Our Woman” or Ava-Ann Holland’s super hot tale of a chance encounter in Rome to see what I mean.

For this week only, you can purchase this anthology for only $0.99 via My Lesfic.


Also in this week’s My Lesfic deals is a fantastic story by T. B. Markinson. The Chosen One is a real page-turner. I’m also looking forward to reading a new-to-me author from the third book on offer this week. But By Degrees by Kit Eyre looks intriguing and I intend checking that out.

Check out this week’s deals on Facebook or MyLesfic.

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2015 in review


2015 was a good year in many ways for me.  It brought much pleasure and achievement, much laughter and good times.

I continue to live in south east Queensland, one of the most beautiful parts of Australia.  I live in a rural community, in a house perched on the side of a hill with views forever (that’s the view above on a misty morning).  The joy and inspiration this setting brings cannot be underestimated.  I love the sub-tropical climate, the ability to grow my own vegetables and source much of what we eat from local small producers.  So much better than the mass production supermarkets, with their dubious ethics and lack of accountability. Continue reading “2015 in review”

Release Day – First: Sensual Lesbian Stories of New Beginnings


Do you remember your first time?

What did you think of just then? I’m willing to be a fair number of you thought of your first sexual experience. This is an erotica blog after all.

Today, I’m talking about my new anthology release, First: Sensual Lesbian Stories of New Beginnings published by Ladylit. You’re probably still thinking about first sexual experiences, aren’t you? However, this anthology is a collection of stories about lesbians, about first experiences, and about sex. All three of those things feature in every story, but that’s where the similarities end. Continue reading “Release Day – First: Sensual Lesbian Stories of New Beginnings”

Cover and TOC Reveal – First: Sensual Lesbian Stories of New Beginnings


Look! Look! This is the very gorgeous cover for First: Sensual Lesbian Stories of New Beginnings which will be released on 10 September 2015. Continue reading “Cover and TOC Reveal – First: Sensual Lesbian Stories of New Beginnings”

First! First! First!

Tincup Pass August 2015 2

Yes, I’m still here. I haven’t gone away, at least not permanently. I have been in Canada and Colorado since my last post, and I have been roaming around Queensland. And I have been writing and editing like crazy.

My second anthology will be out very, very soon. “First: sensual lesbian stories of new beginnings” is due out from Ladylit on 10 September. More on this in a day or two, including the TOC and a peek at the cover.

I’m also in the final throes of editing a lesbian erotic romance which will be published by Ylva later in the year. I’m very excited about that. Continue reading “First! First! First!”

The Running Writer (and Three of Hearts)

I’ve often compared running and writing.  They’re both things I love to do, they’re both mostly solitary pursuits, and require setting your mind to a task and not stopping until it’s done.  Both can be done pretty much everywhere, and need minimal equipment.  A body. A mind. Running shoes. A laptop.  The bells and whistles of wicking socks, a running watch that takes my heartbeat, and a MP3 player are like writing software, books on the craft, and a glitter pen that writes in turquoise:  very nice, but not essential.

In most stories and in most runs, there’s a point at which I want to stop.  “No more,” I think despairingly, “I can’t do this any longer.”  And in most stories and most runs, if I can get myself past that point, the end is worth it.  The satisfaction of completing a story knowing I’ve told something good.  The joy of completing a run when I didn’t think I could run that far or that fast.  (Running ’til you puke is a whole ‘nother topic). And in the long haul of training, or a writing career, there’s times in both when I’ve thought, what’s the point of continuing? I’ll never get faster, no one will ever want to read this.   But getting past those mental blocks brings great rewards. Continue reading “The Running Writer (and Three of Hearts)”

Call For Submissions: First (working title) – lesbian erotica

Another year, another anthology. Below is the Call for Submissions for the next lesbian erotica anthology I’ll be doing with Ladylit Publishing. Please feel free to share this post or pass on these details to any person or writing group or forum who may be interested.

I look forward to reading your stories!

First (working title)

Editor: Cheyenne Blue (

Publisher: Ladylit Publishing (

Deadline: 24 April 2015

Payment: US$40.00 plus a copy of e-book and paperback

Rights: First worldwide digital rights and print rights.

Cheyenne Blue is seeking fictional stories of lesbian passion about first experiences. While I will be including stories of sexual firsts, including first lesbian encounter and first experience of a particular sexual act, I am especially after stories that look beyond this with imagination and flair. I would like to see stories where the sex happens as an integral part of another first, whether it’s the first day in a new job, the first time overseas, breaking the law, or skinny dipping. How about a first experience of sex in zero G in space, or a near death experience on the battleground of a past war? Show me the marvel, wonder, joy, and pride of new experience, the accomplishment, or even the fear or despair. I welcome stories of emotional firsts: the first time in love, the first time that hate translates to sex, the first time with a new partner after a break up.

Above all, I want strong, complete tales that are more than just a sex act. This is not an anthology of true confessions, so stories do not need to be written in first person. For examples of the type of stories and writing I’m looking for, check out my previous anthology, “Forbidden Fruit: stories of unwise lesbian desire”.

Please note the usual no-nos apply: no incest / underage sex / rape / necrophilia / bestiality / scat. No poetry please.

Preferred length: 2500 – 5000 words

Unpublished stories strongly preferred, although a couple of reprints might be used. Reprints must be solely owned by the author.

US English. Please submit a double-spaced Microsoft Word document, using a 12-point serif font, such as Georgia or Times New Roman. One inch margins. If using a pen name, include both real and pen name on the manuscript.

Send your story as a .doc or .rtf file attachment to Cheyenne Blue at Please include “First” and your story title in the subject line.

In the body of the email please include your legal name, pseudonym, a short bio, and previous publication information if the story is a reprint.

Established authors welcomed, newcomers encouraged. I look forward to reading your work.

All submissions acknowledged within 3 days and acceptances notified by 1 June 2015.

About the editor: Cheyenne Blue is the editor of “Forbidden Fruit: stories of unwise lesbian desire” also from Ladylit, and has edited short stories through to novels. Her erotic fiction has been included in approximately 100 erotic anthologies since 2000. Under her own name she has written travel books and articles, and edited anthologies of local writing in Ireland.

Fantastic Reviews for “Forbidden Fruit”


It’s holiday season here in Oz, and it seems that half of the country is out on trails, camping, and eating and drinking their way around Oz. I’m one of them — enjoying some downtime and rural peace in the bush in New South Wales.

However, I’m interrupting my holiday to share two fantastic new reviews of “Forbidden Fruit: stories of unwise lesbian desire” that were posted recently. Share the love for the holidays and all that.

Over at Erotica For All, Lucy Felthouse posted this review, in which she says:

The imagination that’s gone into these stories is amazing – not one story is the same, or even similar. Each one has a fantastic take on the forbidden fruit theme…

Varied, hot, naughty and sexy, this is a fantastic lesbian erotica anthology that I’d definitely recommend to fans of the genre. Very enjoyable.

Over all Erotica Revealed, Kathleen Bradean reviewed “Forbidden Fruit” and had this to say about the book.

From page one, there is so much to love about this anthology. Rebecca Lynn Fullan’s “Our Woman” starts it off with an amazing near-future dystopian tale that Margaret Atwood would have been proud to pen. The depth of the world she evokes shows true craftsmanship…

This anthology was a delight to read. It has many well-written stories that will appeal to many different interests. The theme is good with imaginative takes on what it means by the talented contributors. I strongly recommend this.

“Forbidden Fruit: stories of unwise lesbian desire” is available direct from the publisher, Ladylit, usual distributors, and on Amazon.

Blue Woman Stories Volume 2 – Discovering Donnie

In celebration of the release of the second collection of my lesbian erotica, I’m posting a snippet and a nugget of background about each of the five stories in the volume.

The penultimate story, Discovering Donnie is the most offbeat story in the collection. Jodie, a legal secretary, questioning the point of her work after a promotion, goes into a bar she doesn’t normally frequent. There she meets Donnie–sturdy, muscular, and oh-so-appealing. They fall for each other, but Donnie takes it slowly, too slowly for the impatient Jodie.

The reader knows, of course, that Donnie is butch, genderqueer–there are many labels you can apply if you like labels–but does Jodie know? She’s a straight woman (those labels again), what will happen when she finally gets Donnie in her bed?

I’m not a person who likes labels. Those awkward getting-to-know-you moments in workplace team bonding exercise, where everyone gets up and says something like, “I’m Susan, I’m 35, I’m married to Fred and I have two adorable children” and then plonks down again in their seat, relieved to have got it out of the way. Hate them. What Susan is doing here is defining herself by her age, marital status and parenthood. It doesn’t tell you anything about Susan herself, or why Fred (hopefully) loves her. Susan’s applied labels to her life, labels that come with preconceptions.

Donnie and Jodie’s story isn’t about labels. Donnie never announces his gender or sexuality; Jodie never asks. They get to know each other, realize they like each other–more than like–and are attracted to each other. It goes from there.


Blue Woman Stories Volume 2 is out now from Ladylit, and on Amazon.

Or check out Blue Woman Stories Volume 1: collected lesbian erotica of Cheyenne Blue on Ladylit or Amazon.

She drained her wine and slid off the stool. Donnie threw a couple of notes on the counter, and gestured for the door. She noted he was shorter than she, but stocky and well put together, with a flat stomach underneath the plain white tee, and faded denims that clung lovingly to his muscular thighs. She thought briefly that she should let a friend know where she was going. She shouldn’t be going out at all on a weeknight when she had to be up early for work. But instead she said, “I’m Jodie.”

“Donnie,” he said, and opened the door for her, a gesture as old fashioned as it was endearing.

He took her to a backstreet Mexican café, a homey place that she’d sometimes passed but never been inside. Over enchiladas and green chili, she told him about her work and the promotion with longer hours.

Donnie scratched his chin. “What would happen if you simply refused?”

“I think I’d find myself out of a job.”

“Is the job worth it?”

“No,” she said, simply, and her breath caught as he covered her hand with his own, rough finger pads passing over the back in a swift caress.

“Then ‘no’ it should be.” He glanced at his watch–a simple chunky thing with a battered face. “I’m going to have to drop you home now, Jodie. I have to be at work early tomorrow.”

She knew she should be relieved he wasn’t expecting anything from her but a small–okay, a large–part of her was sorry. She’d been expecting the pass, the kisses, the fumbles, the whispered entreaty to let him come up “for coffee”.

“I have to work too,” she said.

He dropped her back at her apartment, reaching past her to release the door of the pick-up.

“I like you, Jodie,” he said. “Would you come out for dinner again sometime?”

“That would be nice,” she said, and then he kissed her.

It was a swift, short passing of his lips rather than a kiss that would lead to more, but her stomach somersaulted at the touch of his firm mouth, and she wanted to pull him to her and feel his agile tongue, find out how his skin felt underneath her hand.


She nodded.

“Come to the bar again after work.”

The next day at work, she barely registered her new boss. Her head was full of Donnie. How he’d looked, how he’d tasted in that short, sweet sip. The fresh, clean smell of him. The litigation partner looked at her appraisingly, but she was oblivious. She was counting down the hours and minutes to five thirty.

Just after six, she walked into the bar again. She’d considered going home to change into jeans, but had reasoned that Donnie had seen her in work clothes yesterday, and besides, going home would take the best part of an hour. She couldn’t wait that long to see him.

He was seated at the bar, a Hefeweizen and two white wines lined up in front of him. Jodie’s eyes lingered on him, tracing his body with her eyes, seeing how his strong hands caressed the frosted glass of his pint. How would they feel tracing her body?

She slid onto the stool next to him. Immediately his hand cupped the back of her head, pulling her to him for a kiss.

Jodie’s nights fell into a pattern. They met at the bar for happy hour. Two wines, Buffalo wings for appetizers, and then they ate at small back street cafés. Mexican, Thai, Japanese, a family diner and back to the little Mexican café that Jodie now thought of as “their place”. And every night, a kiss and he would leave her on her doorstep. No more, no less.

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