I have a story, “Run, Jo, Run” coming out this year in “Locker Room ” edited by Ily Goyanes. The publication date seems to be fall 2012, but details are sketchy at this early stage, so I have no cover or table of contents to share as yet.

The anthology is a lesbian one with a sporty theme. I love sporty! And although my story is one about running, I don’t need an excuse to post this pic again:
Amelie Mauresmo

I play tennis (badly), and I run (slowly), and swim (flounderingly). Then there’s boxercise, step aerobics, weights, bushwalking. I guess you could say I’m the sporty type. So yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing this anthology hit the shelves.

I’m not sure yet who else is in there. Anyone want to pipe up and share?