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2015 in review


2015 was a good year in many ways for me.  It brought much pleasure and achievement, much laughter and good times.

I continue to live in south east Queensland, one of the most beautiful parts of Australia.  I live in a rural community, in a house perched on the side of a hill with views forever (that’s the view above on a misty morning).  The joy and inspiration this setting brings cannot be underestimated.  I love the sub-tropical climate, the ability to grow my own vegetables and source much of what we eat from local small producers.  So much better than the mass production supermarkets, with their dubious ethics and lack of accountability. Continue reading “2015 in review”

Christmas Kisses: Five Merry Tales of Lesbian Lust


Today marks the release of another mini anthology put out by Ladylit Publishing.  I’ve had the pleasure of being included in these collections before, along with Erzabet Bishop, Laila Blake, Harper Bliss and Lucy Felthouse.  The five of us now have six of these anthologies to our collective names.

This latest, Christmas Kisses: Five Merry Tales of Lesbian Lust arrives as a collection of pixels just before the holidays.  I hope you will check us out, and the five happy, horny and holiday tales within that very sexy cover (Thanks, Caroline!). Continue reading “Christmas Kisses: Five Merry Tales of Lesbian Lust”

Cover and TOC Reveal – First: Sensual Lesbian Stories of New Beginnings


Look! Look! This is the very gorgeous cover for First: Sensual Lesbian Stories of New Beginnings which will be released on 10 September 2015. Continue reading “Cover and TOC Reveal – First: Sensual Lesbian Stories of New Beginnings”

The good, and the very good (and the not so good)

This week is one where I wish there were twice the hours to play around with (or, alternatively, that I am Borg and don’t need to sleep, just regenerate every few days).

It started off with two fantastic, amazing things: Ireland voted overwhelmingly to approve same-sex marriage, and Eurovision.

Ireland is one of “my” countries. I lived there for nearly seven years, I love its quirks, its way of beating around the bush, its humor, its happiness. And now I love that it became the first country in the world to vote in same-sex marriage by public referendum.

Onya, Ireland! I feckin’ loves yis. Continue reading “The good, and the very good (and the not so good)”

Erotic Books for the holidays

My mother emailed me recently and part of her email mentioned the Amazon Gift Card that would be coming my way very soon. While I responded that all I really wanted for Christmas was love and good cheer, I have to say that books and wine come in a close second, as my mother well knows. In fact, going through my credit card statement this month, I see it’s all e-books, wine, and petrol. Luckily love and good cheer are free.

I’m not going to give a wine buying guide (except to say that if you love a rich red you really can’t go past an Australian Coonawarra Cab Sav) and petrol is petrol is gas, but books. Well, that’s different.

So, want some holiday reading suggestions, for you or for someone else? Try the below.

It’s the feel good season, so for feel good erotic romance that always leaves me with a smile, it’s hard to go past Sommer Marsden. Sparkling humor, real and likeable characters, and hot and emotive sex that takes your breath away. Plus if you fall in love with Sommer, you’ve a lot to chose from. Check her out. (There’s zombies too).

Sporty? Lucy Felthouse’s lesbian zinger Sweet Spot pushes all the right buttons.

Want unputdownable intense emotion and hot, hot sex (and lots of it)? Try Alison Tyler’s stories of submission, starting with Dark Secret Love: A Story of Submission.

Sex and food? Lisabet Sarai’s hot and extremely readable story, Her Secret Ingredient, is a winner. Or for short stories on this theme, All You Can Eat: a buffet of lesbian erotica and romance edited by Andi Marquette and R.G. Emmanuelle.

Sweet hot prose and romantic BDSM? Laila Blake’s Driftwood Deeds is for you.

And of course for stories of lesbian love and desire, my own collections Blue Woman Stories Volume 1 and Volume 2 are available. There’s five of my best erotic stories in each volume.

Want a longer lesbian read, chock full of convoluted relationships and drama? Then the entire Season 1 of Harper Bliss’ French Kissing will keep you occupied – and you can read the first part for free!

Rollicking, good humoured sex? Try Jeremy Edward’s brilliant novel The Pleasure Dial.

A different sort of erotica: Annabeth Leong’s Untouched features a main character who can’t stand being touched.

For some of the finest lesbian erotica around, try Sacchi Green’s single author collection “A Ride to Remember“.

And finally, of course, for stories of forbidden lesbian desire, check out my anthology “Forbidden Fruit: stories of unwise lesbian desire“.

And finally, finally, if you have any non-bookish people in your life (if such a person exists!), then check out my favorite Zazzle store, Annika Eklind.

Cougars: The Allure of the Older Woman


The allure of the older woman. Or desire for a much younger one. If these scenarios are your thing, then you are going to love “Cougars” the upcoming mini anthology from Ladylit.

Following the successes of Bossy, Sweat, and A Christmas to Remember, Ladylit has once again rounded up the same five authors for their latest collection.

Here’s the Table of Contents:

Reunion Tour by Harper Bliss
Gorgon and Goat by Cheyenne Blue
Bali High by Erzabet Bishop
The Girl Next Door by Laila Blake
Returning Riley by Lucy Felthouse

Look out for “Cougars” in early November.

Forbidden Fruit: Day 13

We’re back to Harper Bliss’ blog today, where she’s hosting Rachel O. Esplanade interviewing Allison Wonderland.

There’s religion, inspiration (of the lesbian, not the religious kind), and an excerpt from Allison’s story, “Ungodly Ours”.

Check out Allison and Rachel.

Forbidden Fruit blog tour – Days 5 and 6

forbiddenfruit_v4_lowresForgive me, father, for I have sinned. I’m a day behind for the Forbidden Fruit blog tour, and as a result there are two wonderful posts to check out.

Day 5 features Harper Bliss interviewing newbie (or is she? You’ll have to check out Harper’s post to find out) Rachel O. Esplanade.

And Day 6 features the thoughtful questions of Rebecca Lynne Fullan and the revealing answers of Lisabet Sarai, whose story of a nun and a hooker is a highlight of Forbidden Fruit.

Bless me, father, for I have sinned…

Forbidden Fruit blog tour – Day 4


Day 4! Today we have Lisabet Sarai interviewing Harper Bliss. Check them out over at Lisabet’s blog.

***Interested? Act quickly, as for the first week only, from 5 – 11 September, Forbidden Fruit: stories of unwise lesbian desire is available for only 99c on Amazon. That’s a saving of $6.00.***

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