There’s a new erotic publisher in town, and I’m proud to say that I’m on on board as part of the editorial team.

Guiltless Pleasure Publishing is actively seeking erotic writers for both Ebook and print publication. If erotic genre novels are your forte, check them out. They’re looking for strong, erotic genre novels of any sexual orientation. In addition, there are active forums on the site where you can get some tough-love concrit on a work in progress, join in the (definitely only for fun) Round Robin, or talk erotica or writing to your heart’s content. You’ll need to be registered on the site to view the forums, but that part’s painless.

Why Guiltless Publishing?

As a new kid on the erotica block, GPP encourages writers in many ways. There’s the forums, of course, and importantly, your submission is carefully considered, often by more than one editor. If you’re accepted, you’ll get a thorough (and I mean THOROUGH) one-on-one editing service, and a very decent advance plus royalties. No shonky vanity press here. If you’re rejected, you’ll get more than the usual “Sorry, not for us” two sentence rejection letter. You’ll get the specific reasons why your story was rejected, suggestions for improvement and possibly alternate markets that may work for you.

Their maiden Ebook, “Song of the Fallen: Book 1 -Counterpoint” by Rachel Haimowitz is due out next week, with the print version to follow in June. You can even read the first FOUR chapters online, so you’ll know before you buy that you’re going to enjoy it.

Check them out!