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Happy Holidays (and lots of money off good stuff!)


Happy holidays, in whatever way you celebrate, or not. It’s seafood, surf and Aussie bubbles for us. It’s now 1pm and I’ve already had my second swim of the day.

The dog is knackered, having spent 2 hours chasing sticks and being dumped by waves, and shortly, I’m going to make mango salsa to go with our prawns and Moreton Bay Bugs for xmas lunch. Then it will be a shady spot by the water with something juicy on the Kindle, and another glass of bubbly. Perfect day, eh?

Talking of e-readers, here’s something to keep you happy during the holiday lethargy when the couch with an e-reader seems like the absolute best thing to do: JMS Books are offering 40% off on their entire range from now until New Year’s Day. A whopping 40% off everything. Authors you know and authors you’d like to know. Fill up your e-reader!

Hey, you can buy me for just over $1! My offerings:




False Creek Ferry

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False Creek Ferry

I have a second story out in ebook form from JMS Books.

False Creek Ferry. Oooh look – a cover!

False Creek Ferry by Cheyenne Blue

Beth and Leigh are total opposites. Beth has a steady job as an accountant, a reliable income, and a path up the corporate ladder. Her girlfriend Leigh lives for the moment, working on the ferries in False Creek, Vancouver. She eschews a conventional job, preferring freedom over a steady income, and her big heart means she often has very little for herself.

Can this mismatched pair find common ground?

You can read a longer excerpt over at JMS Books.

I’m rather fond of this story. Leigh and Beth are fictional, but the bright little ferries that bob like toy boats on the water, are not. I stayed at my sister’s apartment on False Creek a few years ago, and used the little ferries often. The car stayed in the parking lot and it didn’t even cross my mind to take a bus. I’d walk or take the ferry, or both. So maybe Leigh isn’t so fictional after all – there’s a bit of me in her, maybe more so than my other characters.

I don’t think that’s a bad thing.


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