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Fantastic Reviews for “Forbidden Fruit”


It’s holiday season here in Oz, and it seems that half of the country is out on trails, camping, and eating and drinking their way around Oz. I’m one of them — enjoying some downtime and rural peace in the bush in New South Wales.

However, I’m interrupting my holiday to share two fantastic new reviews of “Forbidden Fruit: stories of unwise lesbian desire” that were posted recently. Share the love for the holidays and all that.

Over at Erotica For All, Lucy Felthouse posted this review, in which she says:

The imagination that’s gone into these stories is amazing – not one story is the same, or even similar. Each one has a fantastic take on the forbidden fruit theme…

Varied, hot, naughty and sexy, this is a fantastic lesbian erotica anthology that I’d definitely recommend to fans of the genre. Very enjoyable.

Over all Erotica Revealed, Kathleen Bradean reviewed “Forbidden Fruit” and had this to say about the book.

From page one, there is so much to love about this anthology. Rebecca Lynn Fullan’s “Our Woman” starts it off with an amazing near-future dystopian tale that Margaret Atwood would have been proud to pen. The depth of the world she evokes shows true craftsmanship…

This anthology was a delight to read. It has many well-written stories that will appeal to many different interests. The theme is good with imaginative takes on what it means by the talented contributors. I strongly recommend this.

“Forbidden Fruit: stories of unwise lesbian desire” is available direct from the publisher, Ladylit, usual distributors, and on Amazon.

Forbidden Fruit: Day 12


Today’s stop on the Forbidden Fruit blog tour, we have newbie writer Ava-Ann Holland interviewing the much loved Erzabet Bishop. Ava-Ann and Erzabet talk about writers’ dinners, cashmere, and bondage and Erzabet shares an excerpt from her story “Ascending Amelia”.

Check them out, over at Erotica For All.

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