TheGazillionaireAndTheVirgin_400I’ve been writing erotic romance for sixteen years now—since before I even knew what romance was. And much of this romance has included BDSM elements. My first novel, Raw Silk, was inspired by my personal initiation into dominance and submission. I’ve had only one BDSM relationship in my life, but it has influenced me profoundly. Indeed, it’s not a stretch to say that Lisabet Sarai would not exist if it had not been for my Master. My writing let me imagine situations beyond what I’d actually experienced as well as to relive the amazing emotional intensity of those precious months with my Dom. Raw Silk is not in any sense autobiographical, but nevertheless the heroine was a stand-in for me, as I discovered and explored my desire for surrender. Continue reading “Guest Post: The Evolution of My Doms – Lisabet Sarai”