Hello, 2017


Farewell, 2016. Seldom has a year been so up and down. Let’s start with the ups, because I’m a glass-three-quarters full kind of person. And I’m a writer, so this post is mainly about writing.

2016 was the second year I focused on writing longer fiction. Novels. It still feels like a big scary jump for this little black duck who spent the first fifteen years of her writing career writing short stories.

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2015 in review


2015 was a good year in many ways for me.  It brought much pleasure and achievement, much laughter and good times.

I continue to live in south east Queensland, one of the most beautiful parts of Australia.  I live in a rural community, in a house perched on the side of a hill with views forever (that’s the view above on a misty morning).  The joy and inspiration this setting brings cannot be underestimated.  I love the sub-tropical climate, the ability to grow my own vegetables and source much of what we eat from local small producers.  So much better than the mass production supermarkets, with their dubious ethics and lack of accountability. Continue reading “2015 in review”

First Drafts

I’ve been a bit quiet lately, although you would be forgiven if you said, “So? What’s different?” Continue reading “First Drafts”

The good, and the very good (and the not so good)

This week is one where I wish there were twice the hours to play around with (or, alternatively, that I am Borg and don’t need to sleep, just regenerate every few days).

It started off with two fantastic, amazing things: Ireland voted overwhelmingly to approve same-sex marriage, and Eurovision.

Ireland is one of “my” countries. I lived there for nearly seven years, I love its quirks, its way of beating around the bush, its humor, its happiness. And now I love that it became the first country in the world to vote in same-sex marriage by public referendum.

Onya, Ireland! I feckin’ loves yis. Continue reading “The good, and the very good (and the not so good)”

Editing the Amateur Anthology

I’m guest blogging today, over at Delilah Devlin’s blog (she of the wonderful “Cowboy Lust” and “Cowboy Heat” anthologies). I’m talking about my experience editing an anthology of local writing in Ireland. A wonderful (and frustrating) time, that also spawned quite a few stories. 🙂

Check me out!

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