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Hello, 2017


Farewell, 2016. Seldom has a year been so up and down. Let’s start with the ups, because I’m a glass-three-quarters full kind of person. And I’m a writer, so this post is mainly about writing.

2016 was the second year I focused on writing longer fiction. Novels. It still feels like a big scary jump for this little black duck who spent the first fifteen years of her writing career writing short stories.

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Felix comes galloping in

fenced-in-felix-medium-coverFelix comes galloping in today, on general release just in time for the hot Australian summer. After all, when it’s stinking hot outside,  what’s better than reading about the dust and burning sun and wide, red landscapes of the interior of Australia. Or if you’ve just had first snowfall, or you’re sitting and looking at the rain sheeting down, a little bit of sunshine could be just the thing, like a cold beer on a shady veranda.

There’s cold beer and verandas in Felix. There’s also campfires, wild gallops along dry creek beds, a glorious chestnut mare, old friends revisited, and two main characters who are very different personalities but share a love of horses and the outback life.


Fenced-In Felix is available now from Ylva Publishing and from other retailers including:


I hope you’ll check her out.

Fenced-In Felix

fenced-in-felix-medium-coverHappy 16 November, folks.  The date doesn’t mean anything to you? Well, maybe it’s your birthday (happy birthday), or anniversary, or the day you managed to eat oysters without closing your eyes and not thinking about them sliding their way down  your gullet all alive alive oh.

To me, 16 November means that the third book in my “Girl Meets Girl” series, Fenced-In Felix is here and available.  That’s Felix above, on the left side of the cover, with her salt-and-pepper plait and serious face. And that’s her love-interest, Josie, on the right side with her wild hair and string of beads and big happy smile. And below is Josie’s horse, Flame, in an outback landscape. But is she Josie’s horse?

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Not-So-Straight Sue


I seem to have been sitting on this book forever, but it’s finally here. Not-So-Straight Sue is now available directly from Ylva Publishing. It’s a story about coming out, friendship, lawyers, doctors, the Australian outback, dogs, family, small towns, ex-girlfriends, finding your place in life, horses, rural life, wine-drinking, stripteases, campervans, star gazing, horse riding, Waltzing Matilda, and of course love and sex. Lots of love and sex. Continue reading “Not-So-Straight Sue”

Order Up Blog Tour

Order Up Cover 394 x 600Welcome to my stop on the Order Up blog tour.  I’ve taken the baton from the amazing Jove  Belle, and I’ll leave it here on the kitchen counter while I write my post.

The first thing  to say about Order Up before I dive into my post, is that you can’t have too many anthologies combining food and lesbian romance and sex. The other one that comes to mind right now, is the first anthology edited by the winning team of R.G. Emanuelle and Andi Marquette and that’s All You Can Eat. Which was a Lammy finalist. Deservedly so.

I had a story in All You Can Eat, and so I’m doubly delighted to be here again in Order Up.

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Order Up

AllYouCanEat-197x300Back, what seems like a long, long time ago, but was probably only last year, I had a story in a fabulous anthology about food and romance and sometimes about sex.  Andi Marquette and R.G.Emanuelle co-edited All You Can Eat: a buffet of lesbian erotica and romance.  Here’s the stupendous cover, if you need a reminder.  What was so great about the antho (well, one of the things) was the originality of the stories and the meshing of the food and romance themes.  Also, each story ended with a recipe, and some of them were stupendous.  I still regularly cook one of those recipes most times I go camping, because it’s so easy and delicious and simple to cook on a rusty two-burner camp stove.  It’s Jae’s  Zucchini Alla Panna, if you want to know, and I hope I spelled that right, as I make it so often I don’t need to look up the recipe any more. Continue reading “Order Up”

Ho, ho, fucking ho: Cheyenne’s Holiday Gift Guide – Part 1

AsparaguspeelerI admit it. I’m a bit of a grinch when it comes to Christmas. My ideal Christmas is spent camped in the bush or by the beach, with some delicious food, fine wine, and only my partner for company. Oh, and fine weather as it’s the start of the wet season in my part of Queensland.

Part of what makes me grumpy around this time of year is the mindless consumerism of it all. Endless racing around spending money you probably don’t have (if the surveys on Christmas spending and credit card debt are even remotely accurate) buying crap for people who would much rather have a decent bottle of Shiraz. Or the money. Or even a pair of socks.

Of course there are some gifts you have to buy. The office Bad Santa, the family Kris Kringle, something special for your special one. A marrowbone chew toy for Boris the dog.

So here is Cheyenne’s Holiday Gift Guide – Part 1: a couple of suggestions of what not to buy and what to buy this holiday season.

Bad Santa Gift

An asparagus peeler. WTF? I’m a total foodie and fresh asparagus is one of the greatest things in the spring, but who eats enough of it to need a special peeler? Who peels asparagus anyway? And who peels enough asparagus to even think about spending $345 on this piece of bench clutter? To me, it looks like the contraption is peeling a cucumber – it’s the thickest piece of asparagus I’ve ever seen.

Aside: Asparagus pee. Discuss. Can you smell it? Apparently everyone’s pee stinks after eating fresh asparagus (tinned doesn’t count) but only 25% of people can smell it.

Good Santa Gift


Or you could buy this: xoxo: Sweet and Sexy Romance edited by Kristina Wright. Short, sweet, romantic and sexy tales from 30 authors including Sommer Marsden, Rachel Kramer Bussel and Saskia Walker. Just perfect for a Christmas stocking, or gift wrapped under the tree. Amazon is shipping NOW (despite what it says on the site) so you’ll receive it in time for Christmas. The Kindle version is available soon.

My story “Perk of the Job” is included in this collection. It’s a story of Mel, a veterinary nurse, Mohinder, her boss, and Ralph, Mel’s Staffy. I have a tradition of using animals I know in real life in my stories, and Ralph the Staffy is alive and well and living (and eating everything in sight, and absconding the second the gate is unguarded) in Queensland.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Is that Ralph in doggie daycare?”

Mohinder, my boss, leaned carelessly against the door of the examination room, his white coat hanging from one finger. I took a minute to compose myself before I answered.
“It’s Ralph.”

“What’s wrong with him this time?” Mohinder ran a hand through his shaggy black hair.

I longed to smooth it for him. Actually, there was a lot I longed to smooth on my boss’ rangy body.
“He’s fine. It’s his monthly check.”

In truth, I knew that Ralph, my rescue puppy, was bounding with health. But Mohinder had suggested monthly checks and I wasn’t going to argue. A perk of the job as a veterinary nurse was free care for our own animals.

“He’ll bankrupt us. How about I double your salary but rescind the free care for Ralph?”

Old joke, but I pretended to consider. “No go. It would break Ralph’s heart if he couldn’t see you.”
Ralph adored Mohinder but he’d survive. Me, on the other hand…

The day passed quickly. I worked with Mohinder, and with the grumpy senior partner. I was equally efficient with both, but I didn’t find the need rest my hand on the senior partner’s forearm to emphasize a point, didn’t flirt with him over the dressings tray. With him I was strictly professional.

It was no hardship to work alongside Mohinder, hoping for the not-so-accidental brush of bodies as we passed between the examination table and the bench. I loved listening to his low voice crooning to a recalcitrant animal, his gentle hands soothing their fur. The thought of those long fingers on my body had given me any number of spiraling flights of fancy.

Staff pets were left until last. It was a long day. Surgery with complications. A feral cat that escaped and ran amok. So when Mohinder called for me to bring Ralph in, everyone else had already left.

Ralph pattered in, grinning as only a Staffy can. Mohinder bent to pat him and Ralph went into ecstasies, rolling over to display his huge stomach to be rubbed. Between us, we hoisted him onto the examination table.

“He’s a credit to you, Mel. This isn’t the same malnourished dog of six months ago.” Mohinder’s voice was warm, and I smiled with delight.

Mohinder was close, only a finger’s breadth away from me. His white coat brushed my bare arm and I fought to suppress the shiver

“I’ll give him a vitamin shot, but I think he’s doing well.”

I turned away to draw up the shot, and when I swung back Mohinder was scratching Ralph behind his ears, crooning to him in low tones. My breath left my body in a shaky exhalation. If only Mohinder would talk to me with the same warmth. If only his hands would soothe my body instead of Ralph’s.



Some time ago, I was telling a friend about my latest run. I described how beautiful it was running along the Maroochy River as the sun set, seeing the pelicans glide in like 747s, dodging the walkers and the fishermen, being deafened by the cacophony of the lorikeets in the gum trees. I finished by saying that I’d stepped up the pace for the last kilometre, so hard that at the end I was bent double, head spinning, trying my best not to puke.

“It was the best run in a long time!” I said.

There was a silence. My friend looked askance. “I can’t believe you used “best” and “puke” in the same sentence,” she said. “That is so wrong.”

But it was so right. The joy of movement, of exercising to your limit, whatever that limit may be, is one of the sweet things in life.

And now “Sweat”  edited by Harper Bliss is here. A collection of sweaty lesbian stories from five sweaty writers of lesbian erotica.

My story “Marathon Woman” kicks off the collection. It’s the tale of Vinnie and Riz, and how running fits into their relationship and what it means to each of them. And “Sweat” goes on from there, with wonderful stories about yoga (Laila Blake), swimming (Lucy Felthouse), tennis (Harper Bliss) and (my favorite) roller derby (Ezrabet Bishop).

Check out “Sweat”  at Ladylit or on  Amazon

Locker Room

I have a story, “Run, Jo, Run” coming out this year in “Locker Room ” edited by Ily Goyanes. The publication date seems to be fall 2012, but details are sketchy at this early stage, so I have no cover or table of contents to share as yet.

The anthology is a lesbian one with a sporty theme. I love sporty! And although my story is one about running, I don’t need an excuse to post this pic again:
Amelie Mauresmo

I play tennis (badly), and I run (slowly), and swim (flounderingly). Then there’s boxercise, step aerobics, weights, bushwalking. I guess you could say I’m the sporty type. So yeah, I’m looking forward to seeing this anthology hit the shelves.

I’m not sure yet who else is in there. Anyone want to pipe up and share?

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