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Forbidden Fruit and Wild Girls

There’s a bit of crossover in the subject line. I’m referring to the upcoming anthology “Forbidden Fruit: stories of unwise lesbian desire” for which I am the editor, which will be published by Ladylit later this year. I’m also referring to “Wild Girls, Wild Nights: True Lesbian Sex Stories” edited by Sacchi Green, published by Cleis Press, which has just scooped the Lambda Literary Award for Best Lesbian Erotica.

There will be more than a few wild girls in “Forbidden Fruit” and there are a few stories of unwise desire in “Wild Girls”.

Mainly though, this post is to say that the lineup for “Forbidden Fruit” is complete. I’m very excited about the line up. A table of contents will follow soon, but for the moment, I want to tell you that there are seventeen wonderful, amazing, and awesome stories from seventeen wonderful, amazing, and awesome writers. The line up includes names you will recognize that will set your loins aflutter with anticipation, as well as some talented newbie writers.

I can’t wait to post the TOC (but first I have to finalize the order, a very pleasant task).

As for the Wild Girls, I am very proud to be a part of the line up of this award-winning book. Sacchi did a wonderful job assembling such fine stories. Congratulations on your Lammy, Sacchi! Congratulations to my fellow writers who are included in this book.

(I love happy posts, don’t you?)

Cowboy Heat in USA Today!

Hey, Cowboy Heat is featured in USA Today! Check us out, us being many of the fantastic authors talking about their stories. Et moi. 🙂

“Cowboy Downtime” in “Cowboy Heat”

I’m posting on the “Cowboy Heat” blog today in the lead-up to the release of “Cowboy Heat: Western Romance for Women”. This collection of short stories from Cleis Press has a release date of 18 March. Edited by Delilah Devlin, the editor who brought us the super-hot “Cowboy Lust”, this anthology contains stories from Randi Alexander, Cat Johnson, Cynthia D’Alba, Amber Lin, Sabrina York and many more.

You can read about the inspiration behind my story, “Cowboy Downtime” here.

Three of Hearts

ThreeofHeartsI received my favorite kind of email today – a story acceptance. Yes, that’s even better than an email telling me I’ve won the Swiss lottery (again…). This one is particularly happy-making, as it’s an anthology put together by one of my favorite editors, Kristina Wright, and put out by one of my favorite publishers, Cleis Press.

Three of Hearts, which is scheduled to hit the shelves sometime in October this year promises to be a smorgasbord of threesome erotic romance. There I am, smooshed in with some great writers between the covers.

Check out the table of contents below:

Foreword – Alison Tyler
Introduction: Three’s the Charm
Movie Night – Tiffany Reisz
An Extra Pair of Eyes – Rachel Kramer Bussel
Eve’s Apple Red – Angela Capteron
Experience and Expectations – Kathleen Tudor
The Mistress in the Brat – Skylar Kade
What Happens in Denver – Cheyenne Blue
Old Habits – Mina Murray
Medley of Desire – A.J. Lyle
A Thief in the Night – Giselle Renarde
Drinking Games with Cowboys – Axa Lee
The Last Day of Summer – Veronica Wilde
Full Circle – Jade Melisande
Whose Anniversary Is It Anyway? – Annabeth Leong
Limits of Endurance – Ariel Graham
Uncharted Seas – Chris Komodo
Three for the Road -Kristina Wright

The Deliciously Tormented Alison Tyler


Today, here on my little corner of Blogsville, I’m hosting the marvelous Alison Tyler, author, editor, blogger extraordinaire, and herder of cats. One of Alison’s most recent projects (I should add ‘prolific’ to those descriptors) is (to date) two books which evolved from a series of blog posts loosely based around her own memoirs. The first book, “Dark Secret Love”, introduced us to Samantha, a young submissive with a penchant for combat boots, and her life and loves.

And now, after what seems like a really long wait, we have the sequel “The Delicious Torment”.

You can read my review on Goodreads.

Alison was kind enough to drop by to answer a few questions about the books, her writing process, and of course herself.

Cheyenne Blue: This series, of which The Delicious Torment is the second book, is based on your own memoirs. It takes a special kind of courage to expose yourself in this way (I know I couldn’t do it). Did you set out to write in such a deeply personal way, or was it something that evolved?

Alison Tyler: I hardly ever plan anything. I’m not kidding. I tend to fall ass-backwards into most of my projects. This series began with a single blog post (back in 2006)—and then followed with another 180 or so posts over a year and a half. I have 500,000 words (so far) on the project. This is like nothing I’ve ever worked on before. Have you read Kitchen Confidential? If so, you might remember a scene where the chef has to “feed the bitch.”

That’s a little bit of how I feel for this project. The thing has grown far beyond what I ever imagined. The books have taken on a whole life of their own.

CB: Most erotica writers have experienced an “Oh, you write erotica” comment, said in negative tones. What’s your snappiest comeback to those who would judge you for what you write?

AT: I wish I were snappy. I read all the Al Jaffee “snappy answers to stupid questions” books. I idolize snark. But truly, I am thin-skinned. My feelings get hurt. Even if I have on my kick-ass combat boots and my favorite leather, I am easy to wound. But you’re right. People feel totally comfortable giving others shit for their lifestyles. This is what happened to me several years ago…

CB: There’s a general perception that an experienced Dom will recognize the need for submission in a sub, even before the sub recognizes it in themselves. Does this work in reverse?

AT: I made a Dom once. Yes, I did. Out of barbed wire, tobacco, beat-up Levis, burnt matches, and shoe polish. No, just kidding. I did turn a man onto his own hidden desires once upon a time. He’d never given in to his fantasies before, and I unlocked that door and showed him who he really was. And who he really was equaled one fuck of a tough Dom.

CB: Quote a favorite paragraph from The Delicious Torment . One paragraph, no more, no less, and tell us why it works for you:

Closing my eyes now, I try to recall how I managed to make myself get into that frightening metal puppy cage. Maybe it was what Juliette had said: Alex didn’t fight. Perhaps it was the fact that Alex was right there, his eyes on me, silently watching my every move, willing me to fail. I sensed that he wished I would cause a scene. My disobedience would make him look more superiorly submissive, wouldn’t it? Alex, I could tell, always wanted to be the top boy. He needed the gold star on his forehead, the A+ on his chest.

AT: There’s a lot to swallow in this scene. But I particularly like the fight Sam has with herself. She doesn’t want to get into the cage, but she also doesn’t want to let Alex “win.” I’m bizarrely competitive. Mostly with myself. I set goals and I try to crush them. I absolutely love the balance here—a war within her mind (and with Alex) to be the best.

CB: I adore the ( US edition) cover art for “Dark Secret Love” and “The Delicious Torment”. Did you have any input in this?

AT: Cleis sent me ten covers to choose from for “Dark Secret Love.” The final one was the only one in my opinion. Absolutely, pure perfection. For “The Delicious Torment,” I begged for a matching cover. Something that would look beautiful next to the first. We went through several rounds before landing on this one.

CB: Boxers or briefs on a man?

AT: Boxer briefs, please.

CB: Satin, lace, cotton, or microfiber on a woman?

AT: Microfiber? You’re so evolved. I don’t even know what that is. For me, satin. In different colors. I appreciate the art of knickers all swirled together in the drawer. But I also have a bit of a hard-on for day-of-the-week cotton panties.

CB: Your style is uniquely your own, to the point where I think I could pick out your writing from a “line-up” of other writers. Are there writers who’ve had an influence on your style?

AT: Oh, I love that. Like a taste test. Which one is by Alison? We played a game like that on my blog awhile back. Thomas Roche and I each wrote stories for His and Hers, but we did not say which ones we wrote on the TOC. I asked readers to guess which were by him and which were by me. Many people chose correctly.

My stories have been influenced by many different writers. I think “Broken” (which appears in Twisted) is the closest I’ve ever come to writing like Elmore Leonard.

CB: You can nip over to Alison’s blog and try your hand at picking Who Wrote What. Match the author to the snippet. I had to put my money where my mouth is, so I’ve had a go. Not as easy as it sounds…

CB: What (or who) do you read for pleasure?

AT: I have read nearly all of Elmore Leonard’s books. Many on repeat. But I favor memoirs (although I didn’t realize that for years). So I have battered copies of Kitchen Confidential, The Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio, Tender At the Bone, Wrecking Crew, Just Kids, The Diaries of Kenneth Tynan, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, Life, The Basketball Diaries, Nickel and Dimed. I want to read Angelica Huston’s memoir, A Story Lately Told, because I’ve read several exotic-sounding excerpts. Honestly, I didn’t know I gravitated to memoirs until I did a double take of my bookshelf a few years ago. And there they were. All in a row.

CB: There’s a lot of chatter on word counts lately. Do you set yourself a word count goal for your writing day or week?

AT: No. I can produce a huge amount of words in a short period of time if I need to. But my best work comes fairly organically. Some of my books have taken months to write, others have taken years. I have over 250 stories “in process” in my “new stories folder” at this moment. (My man says I’m insane.) But this is just how my brain works.

I write all the time.

The only point at which I pay attention to word counts is when I’m running out of words. That is, when I’m nearing the end of a novel, I watch to make sure I don’t go over.

CB: In “The Delicious Torment”, Samantha writes with a pen and pad. Is this something you do too? Is there a special brain–to-pen connection that doesn’t work for brain-to-keyboard?

AT: I’m bisexual. I mean, ambidextrous. That is, I swing both ways. I write in longhand and on the computer, depending on where I am. But I have whole notebooks of drafts of stories. I like flipping through the pages. Confession: I’ve got a fetish for notes.

Check out my blog:

CB: Planner or Pantser?

AT: Yes. For some books, I do sketch out the plot. Generally, I have the ideas for the beginning, middle, and end—and the rest falls into place. For short stories, I often simply have the wisp of what will happen in my head. Right now, I’m finishing up a story called WYSIWYG. I knew the whole entire thing when I came up with the title.

CB: If you were coming to dinner at my house, what would you want me to cook? What would you bring?

AT: I would bring champagne. Because I don’t cook. And I have simple tastes. French fries, hot and crispy with plenty of salt. Chicken wings with Frank’s hot sauce. Or sushi—tiny little bites of perfection. Wow, I guess what I’m saying is that I like to eat with my hands and I like to lick my fingers clean.

CB: Thank you, Alison. *applause*

Because every blog should include food and sex, right?


Because every blog should include food and sex, right?

I think I’ve got the sex part nailed, so here’s some food. Specifically, my homemade sourdough bread (with a background of gum trees).  This is our daily bread, because it’s quick, easy, cheap, I know exactly what’s in it, and it tastes delicious.

If you want sex with your food, let me point you to an anthology from a few years back, Sex and Candy: 22 Succulent Stories edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel. Ooh look, it’s at a bargain price at the moment too.

There’s 22 stories of sweetness by some of my favorite authors between the covers (don’t miss “Kneading” by Shanna Germain or “Six Layers of Sweetness” by Donna George Storey).

I have a story in this collection too. “Rosehips are Red” is about the pleasures of making rosehip jelly. These days I don’t live where the wild roses grow (thank you, Nick Cave, for the song), so I’ll stick with making sourdough and grapefruit marmalade. In the meantime, here’s an extract from my story:

The next week we walk the fields again, our gumboots caked with mud. We skirt the field the farmer has plowed for winter wheat, duck under the barbed wire, and splash through the stream dividing the wheat from the cow pasture. Sammy, our retriever, crashes through the stream. We hear his bark, and the whir and clatter of a startled pheasant.

The low autumn sun burnishes your hair; the sunlight is weaker than the warmth in your eyes. I can see the rose hedge from a distance. The soft, pink petals are gone, trampled into the grass by the cows, but as we get closer, I can see the ripe, red pendants studding the hedge.

“Rosehips!” I exclaim, and snap one from the briar.

A thorn embeds itself in the fleshy part of my thumb, and there’s a drop of blood as vivid as the fruit. You meet my eyes and lift my hand. Your lips close around my wounded thumb, lapping the blood, soothing the puncture with your warmth. I close my eyes and remember those lips on other parts of my body: on my face, on my skin, on my breasts, between my legs. I remember your tongue and its wet, hot glide.

I cup the gravid fruit in my hands and a finger caresses its rotund shape. “Will you still love me when I look like this?” I ask.

We return the next day to harvest the hips. We bring two plastic ice cream tubs to put them in, but we forget the gloves. The briars catch in my hair, tug on my shirt, embed themselves in my fingers. You roll up your sleeves—it’s your favorite shirt, its moss green matches your eyes—and the tiny thorns scratch a pattern of weals on your forearms. They’re only superficial, they can’t hurt.

Green-eyed people are faery people, changelings left behind when the faeries steal a human child. Green eyes remind me of the ocean: they can be stormy and dangerous, or languid and gentle. Like you.

You bend to pick the rosehips from a low hanging patch of briar, and your shirt comes apart from your jeans, revealing a pale strip of flesh. Fine golden hairs cover your skin. I know how you love me to brush them lightly, with barely-there fingertips. It makes you catch your breath and shiver, as if those faeries that left you behind have danced across your flesh. I move closer, bend forward and let my long hair brush over your skin like their wings.

You’re startled, and jerk upright, and your shoulder connects with my chin. We both reel, rub our bruised parts, and then laugh at our clumsiness. My tub of rosehips falls to the ground unheeded as we drift together, arms finding familiar routes around each other’s waists, our hips aligning subtly, until I feel the fly of your jeans pressing into my belly. I slide my hips to and fro until it’s not only the fly I’m feeling.

I love that pressure as you swell against me. I love the long, hard ridge of your cock, and my answering rush of wetness. You grasp my hips, pull me closer, and kiss me. It’s a deep, drowning kiss, and I melt.

“Let’s go home,” I say. I want to be in our bed, with your hands on my bare skin.

Morning, Noon and Night

Good morning Smutters and welcome to my post on Alison Tyler’s blog tour for “Morning, Noon and Night”.

Yes, it is morning right now. 5am, Australian time, to be exact. The sun is already up, I can see kangaroos grazing in the paddock out of the window and the lorikeets are making enough racket to make sleep impossible. I’ve been up for 45 minutes, been for a run, and I’m now sitting down (all sweaty and stinky) with a coffee to write this post.

When Alison put out her call for “Morning, Noon and Night” she asked us to nominate the hour we would like to write about. Unsurprisingly, I asked for early morning, and she gave me 7am. At first, I was thinking about writing wake-up-and-pump the day sex, about hook ups at the gym, about coffee, about camping and waking way too early because nylon mesh is so crap at keeping out daylight. But instead, what emerged was a story about the change of day.

My story, “7am: Change of Shift” is about Andrea, a night-shift nurse, and Kai a junior doctor. Their working hours mean they often only connect as one is coming home from work and the other is leaving. So for Andrea, their lovemaking is sleepy-time sex, bone-tired, drifting, low energy sex, but for Kai it’s fizzing, just awake, let-me-at-the-day sex.

There’s no gyms or tents in this story, but there is coffee.

Here’s an excerpt:

He nods. He understands the jerky pace of the operating room at night: adrenaline, and hasty bites of tepid cafeteria leftovers when it’s busy; chatter, catnaps, and reheated home cooked food when it’s quiet. He glances at the clock and Andrea says, “You can sleep for another hour if you want.”

“No.” He moves to one side of the bed. “Join me?”

“I need a shower first.”

“Later. After I’ve left.” He flips the sheet back and reveals his erection, large and luscious, lying flat against his belly.

Kai’s morning time erections are indeed a thing of wonder. Kai is far from her first lover, but his cock is impressive, even by Andrea’s standards. It’s as if his arousal is tied to the dawn, running in sync with the building of the day. She’s watched him before, and as dawn’s fingers creep through the cracks in the blinds, as darkness segues to gray morning, Kai swells along with the light.

The luscious Jeremy Edwards wrote a lovely review of my story, and I wrote a review of one of my favorite stories, Kristina Lloyd’s “5pm: Somewhere”.

Do check out the rest of Alison’s blog tour. There are prizes!

1/13 Alison Tyler
11/14 Sasha White
11/15 Vida Bailey
11/16 Cheyenne Blue
11/17 Donna George Storey
11/18 Aisling Weaver
11/19 Teresa Noelle Roberts
11/20 Cora Zane
11/21 Angell Brooks
11/22 Justine Elyot
11/23 Kristina Lloyd
11/24 Preston Avery
11/25 Ashley Lister
11/26 Victoria Janssen
11/27 Always Each Other
11/28 Tamsin Flowers hosts Jeremy Edwards
11/29 Tenille Brown
11/30 Kat Watson
12/1 Alison Tyler
12/2 Sommer Marsden

Best Lesbian Romance 2012

Best Lesbian Romance 2012 is out. Here’s the gorgeous cover (OK, here’s not the cover, as I can’t save it from Amazon for some reason) but here it is on Amazon.

My story “Rule 4” is included here, along with stories by such wonderful authors as Lisabet Sarai, JL Merrow, Rachel Kramer Bussel and Evan Mora.

Here’s an excerpt from my story, “Rule 4”:

“Rule 4,” I’d told Jazz one evening, a few years ago, when I’d lost another housemate after we’d ended up in bed after Mexican food and margaritas. To me she’d been a friend with benefits; to her, I’d been The One.

“What’s Rule 4?”

“Never seduce a housemate. Keep it separate.”

“What are rules 1 through 3?”

“I dunno. I’ll think of them later.”

I’d had many housemates since that time, and many lovers, but since the instigation of Rule 4, they had never overlapped. And I’d never been particularly tempted – until Joanna.

Girl Fever

It’s now official – “Girl Fever – 69 Stories of Sudden Sex for Lesbians” is revving up for take off. It’s always exciting to hear you have a story in an anthology, but personally, I get more excited when I see the table of contents and see the company I’m in.

Crikey, I say (because I’m in Australia), look at those names between the covers. And how happy I am to be cuddled up next to Shanna for both my stories. Maybe some of her glam will rub off on me!

You can read more about “Girl Fever” over at editor Sacchi Green’s blog. Check out her introduction here.

Here’s the TOC for “Girl Fever”

Introduction Sacchi Green
Look At Me Now, Your Holiness! Cheyenne Blue
Answering the Call Shanna Germain
A Wet Pussy Rachel Kramer Bussel
An Hour Sommer Marsden
Good Morning Emily Moreton
She Writhes Beneath Me Roxy Jones
Oh Captain, My Captain Cha Cha White
At the Hip Anna Watson
Clean Sweep Fran Walker
Taste of My Woman Giselle Renarde
Off and On Allison Wonderland
Clothes Make the Woman D.L. King
Yab Yum Sacchi Green
Love Las Muertas Kirsty Logan
System Jeremy Edwards
Project Runway Sharon Wachsler
I Do Catherine Paulssen
Shane Jessica Lennox
Six Minutes or It’s Free Tigress Healy
In Hot Water Elizabeth Coldwell
Love On A Real Train Michael M. Jones
Second Time Around Sara Lynde
Routine Jessica Lennox
Defenseless Nat Burns
Coasting Anya Levin
Front Door Sex Zoe Egan
Ignition Switch Delilah Devlin
Dressing Down Heather Towne
Signature Jean Roberta
The Airplane Story Victoria Janssen
Backstage Nerves Heather Day
In the Bush Debra Anderson
What Next? MJ Williamz
The Virtues of Being Forward Veronica Wilde
Pierced Maxine Marsh
Final Exam DD Symms
Stiff Peaks Rose William
Birthday Dance M. Marie
Desperate Measures Geneva King
An Explanation Sharon Wachsler
Floating in Space Dena Hankins
Freeway Falling Cal Gimpelevich
The Flight Home Nicole Wolfe
Patience Jennifer Baker
Train Whore Gemma Parkes
In the Closet Emily Moreton
Born to Ride Piper Trace
The Real Thing Anna Watson
Femme’s the Breaks Allison Wonderland
In the Sculpture Garden Cha Cha White
When Life Is Interesting Leigh Wilder
Cowboy Dirty Roxy Jones
Saucy Cheeks Giselle Renarde
Last Minute Catherine Paulssen
Breathless Ariel Graham
Caramel Louise Blaydon
Cats and Dogs Fran Walker
Mina’s Train Ride J. Caladine
Season Finale Lea Meadows
Auto Correct Evan Mora
Lure Nikki Magennis
Little Miss Goody Two Shoes Lucy Felthouse
Submission Letter Tara Young
Stacked Reina Sobin
Snowbound Sacchi Green
Written on Stone Toby Rider
Here and Back Again Shanna Germain
I Wish I Knew You Cheyenne Blue
Heat Lightning Sommer Marsden

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