sweetspotI’m a huge tennis fan.  I can’t tell you one single thing about rugby, or American football, or hockey, or any team sport, but if you want to know who won Wimbledon in 2006, or the players in the women’s game with the best one-handed backhand, well, I’m your woman. Most years, I go to the Brisbane International tournament and watch matches and practice, and soak up the atmosphere.

So when a story comes out that is a lesbian romance with tennis, I’m all over it.

I read Sweet Spot some time ago, and loved it, so I’m very happy to participate in the blitz for its re-release.  Lucy always tells a good story–a good steamy story–and in Sweet Spot those two things are both to the fore(hand). But it’s also a great story about tennis, and for all the out players in the women’s game, and for the fact that tennis is one sport where the women earn equal winnings as the men (and quite often more in endorsements), there are surprisingly few lesbian tennis stories.

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