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Today I’m very happy to be guest blogging over at Emily L. Byrne’s blog. I’ve been between the covers with Emily and her alter ego, Catherine Lundoff, on several occasions in the past, most recently in “Forbidden Fruit: stories of unwise lesbian desire“. Go and check out Emily’s story “The Adventures of Miss Scarlet”. You won’t be sorry.

Today, I’m talking how some people think they know what you write, and about my single author collection, “Blue Woman Stories Volume 1: collected lesbian erotica of Cheyenne Blue” and the upcoming Volume 2.

Go check me out at Emily’s.

Thunderclap (not quite AC/DC)

After reading Lucy Felthouse‘s excellent post on the subject at the Erotica Readers blog, I’m trying out Thunderclap, a free promotion tool. It spins off the crowd funding model, but instead of pledging money, people simply sign up to pledge a tweet or a Facebook mention, or other social media on a specific date. It doesn’t cost, and it seems to be painless. Both of those are big attractions for someone like me, with limited funds for promotion and who simply wants to curl up in a ball under the kitchen cabinets and forget about this self-promotion lark anyway.

I’ll let you know how it works out, but so far, the experience has been simple to get started. You design your campaign and link it to your social media account (I chose Twitter). It took me 15 minutes to design my campaign, 7 of which were spent hunting for the “embed code” button so that I could add my campaign to my website. (Hint: the “embed” button is verrrryyy small and you have to click into your campaign on the public search pages to find it, not via your account.) I wrote a message to potential supporters, uploaded a graphic, and of course wrote the tweet I would like to go out at the end of the campaign.

If you chose the free options, your campaign will be approved and go live within 3 days, however, mine was live in under 24 hours. I guess this will change as Thunderclap becomes more popular.

Now to wait and see if I get any supporters!

In a tie in with Alison Tyler’s most excellent post about writers supporting other writers, I’ve supported any other erotic writers I found on Thunderclap. My own campaign is below. I would be very appreciative if you were to click to support me.

And now that AccaDacca song “Thunderstruck” is rolling around my head, reworded as “thunderclap”. Still I can think of worse songs to have stuck in your head, like “Tie a Yellow Ribbon ’round the old oak tree….” OH NOOOOOOOOO…

Blue Woman Stories volume 1: collected lesbian erotica of Cheyenne Blue


Look! Look! Isn’t it beautiful! This is the cover reveal for my upcoming collection of short stories. Blue Woman Stories volume 1: collected lesbian erotica of Cheyenne Blue is the first ever collection of my stories under the same cover. Volume 1 contains five erotic lesbian stories, gathered from the over 90 stories I’ve had published in anthologies over the years. My first lesbian story was published in 2001, and I’m still going.

A long-time couple weave a fantasy of seducing a straight woman, old friends become lovers in the French countryside, and a cop sent to investigate a suspected dope grower finds more than she expects in a tropical garden. Cheyenne Blue’s lesbian erotica has been a staple of many anthologies since 2000. Blue Woman Stories Volume 1 collects together for the first time five of her best-loved stories.

Here’s the Table of Contents:

What If?
Tangle of Vines
Car Bomb
How Does Your Garden Grow
Cully’s Run

Blue Woman Stories volume 1: collected lesbian erotica of Cheyenne Blue will be out next week from Ladylit.

PS After Forbidden Fruit: stories of unwise lesbian desire I swore that my next book would have a shorter title. Guess not. 🙂

Blue Woman Stories I: collected lesbian erotica of Cheyenne Blue

I’ve been writing erotica for fourteen years now. In that time, I’ve had nearly 100 short stories published in anthologies and on websites. Stories about lesbians, about cowboys, bikers, cops, and nurses. Stories of women contemplating threesomes, falling for a friend, falling in lust, falling in love. Stories set in places I’ve lived or visited: Colorado, Australia, Ireland, France, the UK.

I’m excited to announce that for the first time, my stories will be available as a collection, or rather several of them. Ladylit Publishing, a Hong Kong based publisher making waves by publishing quality lesbian fiction, will be publishing collections of my stories. Blue Woman Stories I: collected lesbian erotica of Cheyenne Blue will be available on 26 September 2014 with more volumes to follow.

Five stories of hot lesbian erotica in each volume, spanning the fourteen years of my publishing history.

Look out for Blue Woman Stories I: collected lesbian erotica of Cheyenne Blue to read these stories:

What If? – What if your long-term lover wanted to seduce a straight woman? What if she wanted to include you? Would you?

Tangle of Vines – Friends meet up after years apart. A wistful tale of connections remade and friends turning into lovers.

Car Bomb – Nell waits in the rain for her lover to remember her. Simmering resentment and tension comes to an explosive conclusion.

How Does Your Garden Grow? – A cop sent to investigate a suspected dope grower finds more than she expects in a tropical garden.

Cully’s Run ¬ Lou is keeping alive the traditions of her mountain cattlemen family and she’s not going to let any interfering Greenie stand in her way.

Blue Woman Stories I: collected lesbian erotica of Cheyenne Blue releases on 26 September 2014. Ladylit, Amazon and all good distributors.

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