I love it when the mailman staggers to my door. If he’s overloaded, red, and sweating it generally means one thing: books!

Either books ordered from my new favorite place to buy – The Book Depository (FREE worldwide delivery and books at UK prices. Did I say FREE worldwide delivery, ladies and gentlemen? That’s one huge saving, especially for me in Australia.) or it means contributor’s copies.

Some of my recent contributor’s copies include “Best Lesbian Romance 2011”* edited by Radclyffe which includes my story set in a Magdalene Laundry in Ireland.

We don’t talk, except in whispers, our heads under the covers. Often, we don’t talk at all, we simply align our bodies together and let our hands do the talking, gestures of reassurance, of caring, of love. I’ll spoon behind Maura, and my palms will smooth over her belly, smoothing away the pain from her womb, and the absence of its produce. I’ll soak in the warmth and comfort of another body, and let my hands convey all the love that I have. Or Maura will cradle my head on her breast and stroke my shoulders, my back, and whisper words of love into my hair.

Then there’s “Lesbian Lust: Erotic Stories”* edited by Sacchi Green. This includes my own “A Story About Sarah”. My tale is set in a mining camp in Western Australia. Told by Melly, a half-Aboriginal woman, it’s a paen to her lover Sarah.

It was a long time before we did anything but kiss. Months. Why seek more when what you have is so perfect? Sarah’s kisses are like the creek that flows down the red bluff after rain: at first it’s barely there, the merest hint of what’s to come, before it swells and falls into something so deep you could drown in it. Then it overflows, and unleashed it swirls into a fierce, raging passion.

*Yeah, I know. The links go to Amazon. But I’m a poor erotic writer struggling to make a crust and those tiny $$s from Amazon from the referral links add up. So shoot me. 🙁