Cheyenne Blue
Book cover of Switcheroo by Cheyenne Blue

SWITCHEROO - coming 27 March 2024

A lighthearted lesbian romance about shattering comfort zones and finding your place in the world where you least expect it.

New Yorker Hayley Reed is so over life, her crappy apartment, and her two jobs as a cook and bartender. When she wins a contest to swap lives with someone for a year, all expenses paid, she’s ecstatic. That is until she finds herself on a remote Australian cattle station with basic food, empty views, and an attractive butch station hand who clearly dislikes her.

Jenna Dwyer wouldn’t live anywhere except Ghost Gum Station. It’d be bliss except now she’s stuck mentoring a clueless American city slicker who’s the worst jillaroo ever to straddle a horse. But staying aloof from Hayley is difficult when she’s obviously trying so hard…and is just so annoyingly cute.

Under the long, endless skies and despite a simmering attraction, can two such opposite women ever find a way to connect?

About this book

Publishing date: March 2024

Author: Cheyenne Blue

Publisher: Ylva Publishing

Available formats: ebook | paperback

Tropes and themes: Lesbian and bisexual main characters, Fish-out-of-water, opposites attract, ex-pat American, set in Australia and New York, rancher/cowgirl, rural/outback setting, books with horses, found family

What readers are saying about the book

Neen Cohen - Author
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Elite athletes, a runner in a koala suit, unexpected housemates, presto puppy, hot hot hot hot hot scenes, beautiful writing and description, hot sex scenes, heart squeezing moments, laugh out loud times, the beauty of gay Melbourne Australia, oh and did I mention this book is HOT?!
Henriette - Goodreads reviewer
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The characters including the secondary characters really pop off the page. One of the best secondary characters, the cutest rescue doggo ever, Presto, takes his own journey alongside Shan and wormed his way into my reader‘s heart.
Mari Stark - Goodreads Reviewer
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From the moment I started reading until the end, I didn’t want to stop. The story grabbed my attention from the beginning and I only wanted to keep reading, I forgot completely about the outside world. My mind was in Melbourne, with Lizzie, Shan and Presto, of course.

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