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So Not the Perfect Wedding

Almost Married Moni by Cheyenne BlueLesbian fiction author Erica Lee and I first connected on Instagram. She started a new blog, all about wedding mishaps (check it out, it’s great and funny and so very real!). It so happens that I had written a novella about a huge wedding mishap. And so Erica was kind enough to include an interview with me, mainly about Almost-Married Moni on her blog. Thanks, Erica!

I hope you’ll check out the interview for some insider information on Almost-Married Moni. (And check out Erica’s own stories while you’re at it!)

And hey, if you haven’t read any of my “Girl Meets Girl” series, of which Moni is the final part, Ylva Publishing are releasing then entire “Girl Meets Girl” series as a box set… out next week, 20 March, and you’ll save heaps!

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