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Remember When – guest post by KD Williamson

Big Girl Pill by KD Williamson

I barely remember my 20’s. It’s not because I was high or drunk all the time. Well, maybe a little drunk. But mainly because, for the most part, it was such a miserable time. Don’t get me wrong. I had some fun. I had friends and college was an…experience for lack of a better word.

Maybe saying I barely remember is misleading. How about I don’t look back at the time with much fondness? There that’s better, and for all intents and purposes, it’s the truth. My twenties were a time of confusion. I didn’t know who I was so a lot of times I just filled in the blank and wore a persona like a hat to see if it fit.

Was I the smart girl? The quiet girl? The angry one? The militant? The lover? It took me a while to realize that I was actually all those rolled into one. But at that time, it was easier to go with the flow and along with the crowd. Hell, I longed for someone to show me the right way, the safe way, a way.

I don’t know if that was anyone else’s experience but it sure was mine. That’s at least one hidden reason why I wrote my latest book, Big Girl Pill. That age, the 20’s, can be a hard time. The other reason was one of the main characters, Nina Sterling.

Creating and writing her was cathartic in a way that I didn’t realize until very recently. She’s a young woman who was searching. She found herself but didn’t recognize that person as who she was meant to be. As a result, she lost her and allowed herself to be led down a path that wasn’t the best by people who professed to care.

The other protagonist, Maya Davis is a little more settled in a sense because of a loss early in life and that wisdom helped her to see what Nina kept hidden. They made each other better. Surrounded by laughter and acceptance.

Imagine having all that and fucking it up.

Go on. I’ll wait.

Not good, huh?

Well, this book is about Nina trying to find her way back to the real her. The road is filled with hard truths but peppered with laughter, heart and a dose of heat to ease the way a bit. Now, imagine getting to the end of that road and seeing the world open up.

Take another moment.

Satisfying, isn’t it?

Yeah, it is.

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