Fenced-In Felix Giveaways

fenced-in-felix-medium-coverI love giving away stuff.  Bags of clothes and books to the op shop. Produce from my garden to workmates. Home made jams and chutneys.

And books.

Starting this week, there are two giveaways of my new Aussie lesfic novel, Fenced-In Felix. You can win one of three paperback copies (and hey, they will be sent to many countries) by entering the Goodreads Giveaway.  You have until 25 December for that one.

Or you can comment on my guest blog post over at Lisabet Sarai’s blog. One commenter wins an ebook copy.



Fenced-In Felix

fenced-in-felix-medium-coverHappy 16 November, folks.  The date doesn’t mean anything to you? Well, maybe it’s your birthday (happy birthday), or anniversary, or the day you managed to eat oysters without closing your eyes and not thinking about them sliding their way down  your gullet all alive alive oh.

To me, 16 November means that the third book in my “Girl Meets Girl” series, Fenced-In Felix is here and available.  That’s Felix above, on the left side of the cover, with her salt-and-pepper plait and serious face. And that’s her love-interest, Josie, on the right side with her wild hair and string of beads and big happy smile. And below is Josie’s horse, Flame, in an outback landscape. But is she Josie’s horse?

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Sue Goes Wild and Free


That’s my new novel, Not-So-Straight Sue, and today Sue is on general release over at the usual suspects: the Amazons, Smashwords and so on. And of course, at my publisher, Ylva Publishing, where Sue’s waiting patiently for you to read her. Sue’s out in the world, spread a long way from the little corner of outback Queensland that is her home.

I’m celebrating today with a glass of wine and naked camel burgers for dinner. I’ve never eaten camel and I have no idea what it tastes like, but I’m about to find out. The naked part isn’t the dress code (it’s sort of sticky when you drop the relish); it’s just a burger without a bun, a camel burger with your favourite topping (blue cheese and red onion for me) on a huge wilderness of salad greens.

If you’re curious about Not-So-Straight Sue, you can read about the book on Harper Bliss’s blog.  My good friend and all-around awesome author, Harper, was kind enough to let me loose on her blog today.  You can find out what she thinks about the book, as well as read an excerpt.

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I still call Australia Home

Today, I’m once again blogging over at the website of my friend and fellow writer, the incomparable Lisabet Sarai.  Lisabet always has interesting stuff on her blog, Beyond Romance, and hosts many fine people. She’s well worth checking out.

Today, I’m blogging about where I call home. (Australia! The dusty brown land of sharp vowels and too much beer and the most bloody awesome scenery.)

If you mosey over there in the next few days and leave a comment about where you call home, you will be entered into the draw to win a copy of my new novel, Not-So-Straight Sue, which is set in Outback Queensland.

Also too, today is the last nine hours to enter the Goodreads Giveaway to win a paperback copy. Plenty of countries on the list — it’s not just the US and Australia.

Check me out. Eh.


Not-So-Straight Sue


I seem to have been sitting on this book forever, but it’s finally here. Not-So-Straight Sue is now available directly from Ylva Publishing. It’s a story about coming out, friendship, lawyers, doctors, the Australian outback, dogs, family, small towns, ex-girlfriends, finding your place in life, horses, rural life, wine-drinking, stripteases, campervans, star gazing, horse riding, Waltzing Matilda, and of course love and sex. Lots of love and sex. Continue reading “Not-So-Straight Sue”

Sunday Snog for Haiti – Lisabet Sarai

From Lisabet Sarai:

In response to the devastation of Haiti by Hurricane Matthew, I am running a charity Sunday Snog.

For each person who leaves a comment, I will donate one dollar to Oxfam America’s hurricane relief fund.

I’m also giving away a copy of the featured book Rough Weather (which happens to have a Haitian hero) to one randomly selected commenter.

Check out Lisabet’s post here and leave a comment for Haiti.

Performance Review

ID-100360107It is that time of year again in my day job. Everyone’s least favourite hour in their working day.  No, not 8:00am on a Monday, but performance review time. Two pages of inane questions to which you have to answer what is basically the expected path. You can’t say what you really think. You can’t make a joke and  move on.  After all, the annual pay rise at least partially depends on it. Continue reading “Performance Review”

Order Up Blog Tour

Order Up Cover 394 x 600Welcome to my stop on the Order Up blog tour.  I’ve taken the baton from the amazing Jove  Belle, and I’ll leave it here on the kitchen counter while I write my post.

The first thing  to say about Order Up before I dive into my post, is that you can’t have too many anthologies combining food and lesbian romance and sex. The other one that comes to mind right now, is the first anthology edited by the winning team of R.G. Emanuelle and Andi Marquette and that’s All You Can Eat. Which was a Lammy finalist. Deservedly so.

I had a story in All You Can Eat, and so I’m doubly delighted to be here again in Order Up.

My story is about bunya bunya nuts. Continue reading “Order Up Blog Tour”

I am not a city person

20160427_062356I am so not a city person. Sure, I’ve spent a lot of my life in cities–work has a way of doing that to you–but equally, I’ve lived in small towns, medium towns, and spent a lot of time on the road travelling. But where I’m happiest, in a zen-at-one with-the-world, embracing-the-landscape sort of way, is where things are hot and dry and there’s not many people. The space. The dryness. The sweep of stars at night. Being able to see to the horizon and then some.

Many people seem to get that from the sea. But unless you’re on the ocean in a small boat, coastal areas around the world tend to be some of the most populated. And it is my nightmare to be stuck on a small boat with a bunch of people and nowhere to escape. I’m not that good a swimmer.

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