Goodreads Giveaway: Party Wall

Party Wall releases in less than a week. Next Wednesday for most of the world, Thursday if you’re in Australia or New Zealand.  In the meantime, you can enter to win one of three signed paperback copies over at Goodreads by entering the Giveaway.  I’m selling my soul to Australia Post and so there’s lots of countries on the list.

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This week only: Forbidden Fruit for 99c

This week’s My LesFic deal includes my anthology, Forbidden Fruit: stories of unwise lesbian desire. There’s some amazing writers and stories in this: names you’ll know such as Emily L Byrne, Harper Bliss, Sacchi Green, Jean Roberta, Lisabet Sarai, and Erzabet Bishop, plus some supremely talented newcomers. Check out Rebecca Lynne Fullan’s surreal story “Our Woman” or Ava-Ann Holland’s super hot tale of a chance encounter in Rome to see what I mean.

For this week only, you can purchase this anthology for only $0.99 via My Lesfic.


Also in this week’s My Lesfic deals is a fantastic story by T. B. Markinson. The Chosen One is a real page-turner. I’m also looking forward to reading a new-to-me author from the third book on offer this week. But By Degrees by Kit Eyre looks intriguing and I intend checking that out.

Check out this week’s deals on Facebook or MyLesfic.

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Cover Reveal: Party Wall

I’m delighted to announce that my fourth novel, Party Wall, will be published by Ylva Publishing in October 2017. What a pretty cover! This is part of Ylva’s Window Shopping series–standalone novels with a common theme.

Here's the blurb:
From the moment Freya looks in the window of the brash, new sex shop in Grasstree Flat she knows it will be nothing but trouble. For a start, it will clash with her own New Age store right next door. And she’s right. Outgoing newcomer, Lily, begins to intrude on Freya’s well-ordered life. Freya’s friends, lifestyle, and even her cat are all affected by Lily’s magic touch. Even Freya’s yoga classes rub shoulders with Lily’s sexual-expression workshops. Lily stands for everything Freya has lost in life: playfulness, spontaneity, and delight in the physical. And sex. But does Lily have more in common with Freya than the wall that divides them?
A lesbian romance about crossing the lines that hold us back.

Charity Sunday: The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia

A few weeks ago, the very wonderful Lisabet Sarai posted an excerpt of one of her books on her blog. For every comment she received within the first twenty-four hours, she donated $1 to her nominated charity, Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It’s a bloody marvellous idea.

Lisabet is doing it again and this time other people are joining in. Including me. Here’s how it works. Leave a comment on this post on Sunday, 9 July 2017. I will donate $1 to the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia for every comment received on that day. You don’t have to say much at all–just say “Hi” if you want. As I’m in Australia, our Sunday is before most of the world’s, so I’ll leave it open until 11.59pm Pacific time in the US.  That’s all you have to do. You don’t have to donate; I’ll do that. Continue reading “Charity Sunday: The Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia”

Writing Milestones

I know I’m busy, when one of the major milestones in a writer’s life passes by without a paean of joy, or a foot-stomping happy dance around the house. Well, I might just have indulged in the second 😉 but I didn’t get around to mentioning it anywhere.
Over a week ago now, I finished the first draft of my WIP (the tennis story for those keeping track). Very fitting, that I wrote The End–or as I do for reasons that I have long forgotten, I wrote (((FIN)))–at the start of Wimbledon fortnight.
82,000 words, give or take a few. Of course, the hard part now begins: editing that rough first draft. Ssssh…. but I prefer this to actually writing the first draft. The bones are there; they just need paring and refining and smoothing.
The first draft the tennis story will now sit for a bit, as I’ve set it aside to go through the copy edits on my previous novel which have just been returned to me. This previous novel will be part of Ylva Publishing’s Window Shopping series,  which features different authors all starting with the same opening paragraph: two women gazing in the window of a sex shop. More about this one another time.
Going through edits is another pleasurable part of the writing process–seeing what a keen-eyed copy editor can do to an already fairly polished story. Before the story gets to the copy editor, it’s already been past the content editor (twice), and been revised by me in between. Now I get to consider the subtleties of repeated words, misplaced commas, and comments along the lines of “You say that ‘cow’ is an unusual yoga pose–we do that every week in the class I attend”.

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I love, love, love roadtrips. I love the road unfurling beneath the tyres, and looking around the towns and villages I pass through. I particularly love those long stretches of landscape that you can get on Australian roadtrips with few signs of civilization.

droverMost of our roadtrips are done in a very basic way: a four wheel drive with a platform bed in the back, a fridge, a camp stove, and a couple of chairs and a table. The small and unobtrusive nature of the four wheel drive allows us to take very small tracks, and camp in very out of the way places, just pulling over quietly beside a track. In thirty years of doing this, we’ve only been moved on a couple of times, but our footprint is small: no tents, no paraphernalia strewn over a wide area and no campfire.  I don’t think it would work to travel that way if we weren’t unobtrusive.

The other sort of roadtrip I love are campervan ones. We don’t own a campervan, but we often do campervan relocations. The companies that hire these mobile homes often need them moved from city to city. In Oz, typically at this time of year, they need them moved south as people want to drive north for the winter.  For as little as $1 a day, we rent a van and have a few days to drive it to where it needs to be. We drove from Brisbane to Adelaide (about 2,200 kilometres) in a week, passing through the outback communities and the mining town of Broken Hill (Priscilla, Queen of the Desert anyone?). We’ve gone from Airlie Beach to Brisbane, and several times we’ve done the Brisbane to Sydney run.

I’m just back from such a trip. We had four days to drive the 1,000 kilometres to Sydney, which is a nice cruisy pace. The van was super-comfy, and easy to drive, and we took a winding route, part inland, part coastal, to reach the metropolis.

I can usually write on the road too. With one of those laptables, and a small laptop, I can usually average a thousand words on a stretch of smooth highway. It’s not as easy as at home–there’s always bumps and resultant typos, drama when something gets accidentally highlighted and deleted, and of course the distractions out of the window.  I averaged 1,500 words a day on the most recent trip.

Not-So-Straight-Sue-300x200The main character in my novel Not-So-Straight Sue buys a campervan and takes a winding trip around the Queensland outback before reaching the small town that will be her new home. Certainly, my campervan trips were the basis for writing Sue’s experiences on the road. Sue’s trip, though, is part of her story of coming to terms with her identity and accepting herself. Each kilometre of dusty road settles the landscape deeper into her psyche, each long night of solitude and stars reaffirms her decision to return to Australia.

You can read about Sue’s campervan trips in Not-So-Straight Sue which is available from Ylva Publishing and the usual suspects. You can also hear me read an excerpt from the book on Bookchats, part of The Lesbian Talkshow podcast.

My own campervan stories pop up from time to time. I’m only back home for two days, but I’m already planning the next one.

“Not-So-Straight Sue” is available from Ylva Publishing and from:

Book Clips: Not-So-Straight Sue

Not-So-Straight-Sue-300x200Listening to books. It seemed strange to me at first. After all, the voice of a narrator can’t compare to the voice in your head as you curl up in silence with a good book. I’m still not on board with audiobooks (although they’re tempting me more and more), however I do love book clips read by the author.

It’s great (and sometimes unexpected) to hear what an author sounds like. The voice that produced the stories I love. Different accents, different intonations, faster, slower, the smile in an author’s voice or the sombre cadence as they read something more weighty.  I very much enjoy these, and have often gone on to buy the book after hearing the clip.

If you know lesfic, you doubtless know The Lesbian Review.  I often check out their reviews and top ten lists when I’m pondering what to read next.  And their podcast, the Lesbian Review Talk Show, has the book clips segment that I love to listen to.

Now, if you’re so inclined, you can once again hear my strange mix of accents reading from my novel, Not-So-Straight Sue.   The romance, set in outback Australia, has an American character, but don’t worry, I don’t attempt a Texan accent! You’ll have to listen to my blend of Aussie, with a bit of Brit,  reading a very Australian story about an Australian lawyer and a Texan doctor.

Please do check it out at The Lesbian Talk Show. I hope you enjoy it.

Want to know more about Not-So-Straight Sue?  Check out the review over at The Lesbian Review.

You can purchase Not-So-Straight Sue from the following places:

Ylva Publishing



What I’m giving up… And what I’m not

So many writers whinge they don’t have time to write. Yeah, I’m absolutely one of them.

I have writing goals. They’re not set in stone but they’re always there, sliding in and out of my head like melted ice cream. I want to write two novels each year. Ideally, I also want to have two novels published each year, but as I work with a publisher, that one is largely out of my hands. I can’t control publishing schedules.

I’m a fairly fast writer. When I’m in the groove, I can manage 1800 words an hour. When I’m not in the groove, I’m lucky to manage 500 words. Staring into space is so time-consuming.  Even so, I should be able to knock over an 80K novel in, oh, 60 or so hours? Even at 6 hours a week, that’s only ten weeks. And that schedule allows six months per novel. Six months!  That is so much time.


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Tennis Season!

Amelie MauresmoI’ve lost count of how many times I’ve used this photo in a post. A lot. Because I love it.  I love it for many reasons: tennis is my sporting passion and Amelie Mauresmo (now retired) represented the pinnacle of women’s tennis for me. Huge skill, power, supreme athleticism, grace, fire, and persistence.  An all-court, attacking game with a huge variety of strokes. She won two grandslam titles: the Aussie Open and Wimbledon. She was gracious and calm in the face of criticism about her personal life, her physique, and her temperament.  When she was 19, she outed herself at the Australian Open after winning the final, when she jumped into the arms of her lover.  She basically shrugged at the backlash, called the detractors “a little stupid” and carried on.  Amelie Mauresmo is forever and always my Number 1 tennis crush. 🙂

Putting aside the sheer enjoyment of watching (and playing) tennis, it’s also one of the few sports where women earn the same as men (more for some of them, once endorsements are factored in), and where the sport receives equal viewing coverage. Continue reading “Tennis Season!”

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