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Featured image of Switcheroo by Cheyenne Blue

Behind the Scenes of Switcheroo

Explore the real-world inspirations behind ‘Switcheroo’ as we delve into the contrasting lives of Hayley, a New Yorker, and Jenna, an outback dweller in Australia.

Not-So-Straight Sue by Cheyenne Blue

Not-So-Straight Sue – an excerpt

One of the clues for Jae’s latest F/F Fiction Crossword Puzzle relates to my story, Not-So-Straight Sue. Find out in this excerpt the answer to the question “what’s the name of the town that Sue grew up in?”

Charity Sunday

Charity Sunday – Riding for the Disabled

A year or so ago, the bloody amazing Lisabet Sarai came up with the idea of Charity Sunday. Writers nominate a charity and post an excerpt from one of their works. Then, for one day only, everytime someone comments on a participating post, the author will donate $1 to their chosen charity.