Too much tennis?

Code-of-Conduct-400x600Too much tennis? No way. Wimbledon’s on the TV, there are short white skirts and tanned legs filling my TV screen and tennis is once again the focus of my life.

There’s also my new book, Code of Conduct, which is available everywhere today.

It’s the story of Viva Jones, ex-top ten tennis player, now battling injury in the latter part of her career. It’s also the story of Gabriela Mendaro, a silver badge umpire, whose ambition is to gain the elusive gold badge.

Players and officials cannot date. In fact, they can’t even have a friendly relationship. The officials’ code of conduct expressly forbids this. So when Viva and Gabriela forge a connection that transcends their respective roles in the game,  it’s not something easily overcome–not if Gabriela wants to follow her dream to gold badge level. Continue reading “Too much tennis?”

A Serve of Romance

paperback racquet and ballsIt’s hard to avoid tennis puns when thinking of blog post titles for a tennis romance. Love match. An ace of a story! A new spin on the sports genre. So really, the one I’ve picked isn’t too bad.

Whatever slice I put on this post, Code of Conduct tells the story of Viva Jones, a top tennis player battling to remain at the top of the game, and Gabriela Mendaro, an umpire, striving to reach the pinnacle of her career: gold badge umpire. Trouble is, players and officials must keep their distance, a rule that is written in the officials’ code of conduct.

Whatever pun you choose,  Code of Conduct is available everywhere next Wednesday, 4 July.

Of course, if  you can’t wait that long, you can get it right now direct from Ylva Publishing.  And of course it’s on preorder everywhere else.

In the meantime though, and to distract myself from bad tennis puns, here’s the first chapter.

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Blue Woman Stories Volume II

BW2_180x288 Want some spicy reading with a romantic edge? Or romantic reading with a spicy twist?

Sexy, short, sweet, spicy. The second volume of my short lesbian erotica, Blue Woman Stories Volume II, is now available to read on Kindle Unlimited.  Or you can purchase for $0.99

Here’s the blurb:

Love triumphs as opposites attract in the Colorado Rockies, an unwitting voyeur has an eye-opening encounter on an Irish ferry, and love takes a lifetime to arrive in the poignant Glory B.

Cheyenne Blue’s lesbian erotica has been a staple of many anthologies since 2000. This second volume of her collected work contains five more of her finely woven lesbian tales.

Here’s the Table of Contents:

Perspex Window

Wide White Sky

Glory B

Discovering Donnie

Flannel and Fleece

Here’s the links:

Amelia Earhart – found!

AmeliaEarhartOne of the most exciting news stories this week, at least as far as I’m concerned, is that they found Amelia Earhart. But it turns out, she was never really lost. Amelia’s disappearance is the stuff of legend and conspiracy theories. She and her navigator disappeared on their round the world flight in 1939 when they vanished over the Pacific.

Since then, along with the usual abducted-by-aliens stories, there’s been serious consideration given to them being captured and executed by the Japanese, running out of fuel and ending up at the bottom of the ocean, and one where she was secretly repatriated to New Jersey and lived under an assumed name.  That last one seems the wackiest to me.

In 1940, human bones were found on Nikumaroro Island, along with artifacts known to be used by her. However, the person who examined the bones concluded they were that of a male. Then someone went and lost the bones and that was that, until this week.

While the bones are gone, the measurements and notes taken of them survive, and a forensic pathologist has compared these measurements to Amelia’s known measurements and concluded with 99% certainty that they are Amelia’s. This means that she crash landed on Nikumaroro and died before she could be rescued.

I’ve written a story about Amelia with this scenario (except without her dying). In my version, she crashes, but lives out her life with a castaway islander woman.  You can read it (along with 14 other sensual lesbian stories) in First: Sensual Lesbian Stories of New Beginnings, edited by me.

Here’s an excerpt:

Continue reading “Amelia Earhart – found!”

Cover reveal: Code of Conduct

Code-of-Conduct-400x600 How fitting that I can show you the cover for my next novel right now, in the heart of the Australian tennis season, as athletes battle for a Grand Slam title in Melbourne’s stifling heat. And when I’m glued to my TV screen, watching the tennis.

I adore tennis, and so it was only a matter of time before I wrote a romance set in the world of professional tennis.

Code of Conduct will be out in June from Ylva Publishing. Why yes, that is when Wimbledon happens.


Viva Jones was great once. A top ten tennis player with a grand slam trophy to her name, she had the world at her feet. Then an overzealous lineswoman’s bad call knocked her out of the US Open, and a persistent injury crushed her career. While battling to return to the game she loves, a chance meeting with the lineswoman, Gabriela, forces Viva to rethink the past…and the present.
Away from the court, Gabriela is sexy, athletic, and lives for her career as an umpire. She seems to be falling for Viva as hard and fast as Viva is for her. There’s just one problem: players and officials can’t date.

A lesbian romance about breaking all the rules.

2017: what happened in Cheyenne’s world

2018photo Strange how quickly a year can go past.

I’ve just looked back on the post I wrote this time last year (is it really a year since David Bowie died? And Leonard Cohen?). Must be. Is it really a year since American politics turned arseways? Must be. How about a year since the third book in my “Girl Meets Girl” series came out? That’s a bit better. Yes, Fenced-In Felix has been out for a bit over a year. Where HAS the time gone?

This time last year, I said that I could manage to write two full-length novels per year.

Have I managed that this year?

Party-Wall-300x200The short answer is no, but with a bit of a last minute squeeze, I managed to write two books this year, and have had two published this year.

Firstly, on the publication front, Party Wall came out in October from Ylva Publishing.  It’s part of a series from Ylva’s Window Shopping Collection, which has different writers putting their own spin on the same opening paragraph. If you like an enemies-to-lovers story, with a bit of drama, a bit of Aussie humour, two opposites attract  characters, and a supporting cast of female friends, then I hope you’ll give Party Wall a go.

As for the second book… Continue reading “2017: what happened in Cheyenne’s world”

Almost-Married Moni – free book this weekend!


Two things happened last week that were rather good. Or seriously awesome. Well, one is seriously awesome and the other is rather good. Either way, there’s a connection.

The first, of course, is that finally, finally, FINALLY, Australia passed marriage equality into law. On 7 December, parliament passed the law in a nearly unanimous vote.  LGBTQI+ couples in Oz can now register and in 30 days’ time, will be able to get married.

The second thing, not unrelated, is that I have a new novella out to celebrate this. Almost-Married Moni, book 3.1 in my “Girl Meets Girl” series was written and published especially to coincide with Australia’s vote.  And I’ll get this in now above the “Read More” cut–if you go to the Ylva site this weekend (9 – 10 December) you can download 22K words of happy, humorous, lesbian outback wedding for FREE.

I’ll wait while you do that. 🙂

Continue reading “Almost-Married Moni – free book this weekend!”

Blue Woman Stories – now on KU


I’m happy to announce that the first collection of my short erotica, Blue Woman Stories Volume 1, is now available on Kindle Unlimited. Or purchase for pocket change $0.99. It contains five of my favourite (and best) short erotic lesbian stories.


A long-time couple weave a fantasy of seducing a straight woman, old friends become lovers in the French countryside, and a cop sent to investigate a suspected dope grower finds more than she expects in a tropical garden. Cheyenne Blue’s lesbian erotica has been a staple of many anthologies since 2000. Blue Woman Stories Volume 1 collects together for the first time five of her best-loved stories.

Purchase or borrow through KU here:

Charity Sunday: Australian Marriage Equality

It’s Charity Sunday again, started by the ever-awesome Lisabet Sarai.

This is the second time I’ve joined Lisabet in this. Why not? It’s a bloody awesome idea and it doesn’t cost YOU anything to participate.  Here’s how it works. I post an excerpt from one of my novels. Leave a comment on this post on Sunday, 8 October 2017. I will donate $1 to Australian Marriage Equality for every comment received on that day. You don’t have to say much at all–just say “Hi” if you want. You don’t even have to read my excerpt if you don’t want to (although I hope you will) and you can go straight to the comments. As I’m in Australia, our Sunday is before most of the world’s, so I’ll leave it open until 11.59pm Pacific time in the US.  That’s all you have to do. You don’t have to donate; I’ll do that. Neither will I sign you up for anything, spam you or do anything except be very happy that your comment means $1 more to support marriage equality in Australia. Continue reading “Charity Sunday: Australian Marriage Equality”

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