Cheyenne Blue
I Do by Cheyenne Blue

I Do

A fabulous twin-swap lesbian romance where the toaster oven could double as a wedding gift.

Accountant Allie Lane would do anything for her injured twin sister, including pretend to be her to save Sophie’s fledgling event-planning business. All Allie has to do is fake being a lesbian for a few weeks and co-ordinate a rural gay wedding festival. Simple. Except she’s nothing like her outgoing sister and, last Allie checked, she was straight.

Tarryn Harris cannot stand weddings. Now her small Australian town of Quandong is being overrun by matrimonial madness for its first gay wedding festival. The other hitch is she’s been roped into being the assistant to the cute lesbian event planner. Frankly, she’d rather be left alone with her alpacas and metal art.

The finale of the festival is a fake wedding. Surely no one will vote for a wedding hater and an undercover straight woman to play the fake couple? Right?

About this book

Publishing date: August 2023 | May 2024 (audiobook)

Author: Cheyenne Blue | Cat Gould (audiobook narrator)

Publisher: Ylva Publishing

Available formats: ebook | paperback | Audiobook (May 2024)

Tropes and themes: contemporary romance, opposites attract, toaster oven/sapphic awakening, twin swap, small town, pride festival, Australian setting, fish out of water

What readers are saying about the book

Sue Plant - Goodreads reviewer
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this author certainly has a way with writing that you can identify with a character as if you know them and how you are drawn to all the other people as well... but there is always that one person you feel like cheering on...
Christine Reid - Ylva reviewer
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omg wow another amazing story I loved the main characters their connection was embedded throughout its a beautiful sweet love story that you won’t want to put down definitely recommend a must-read congratulations
Michelle - Goodreads reviewer
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This book was a lot of fun to read.
The characters seemed very fun and relatable so it was easy to root for them.
Even the side characters were lovable and full of life.

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