Cheyenne Blue
Never-Tied Nora in KU by Cheyenne Blue

Never-Tied Nora

Footloose Nora discovers the woman she’s fallen for is from a family battling a blood feud with Nora’s own proud Irish family. Oops? A fun, sexy, reformed-player lesbian romance.

Paralegal Nora Kelly loves her carefree London life where there’s always a new woman to seduce. Her big Irish family tease her about her carefree ways, but Nora knows she’s in no danger of losing her heart.

Her family has only one rule when it comes to dating: Nora can date any woman she wants—as long as she’s not a Flannery. The Kellys and the Flannerys have been feuding ever since both families arrived in London from Ireland sixty years ago, and time has not lessened the hatred.

But never-tied Nora has just met the woman of her dreams, a sexy redhead architect, and suddenly commitment isn’t a dirty word. Trouble is, Geraldine is a Flannery.

Can Nora convince Geraldine that, despite their families’ bad blood, they are meant to be together?

About this book

Publishing date: December 2015

Author: Cheyenne Blue

Publisher: Ylva Publishing

Available formats: ebook | paperback

Tropes and themes: contemporary romance, enemies to lovers, UK setting, family feud, reformed player

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What readers are saying about the book

Loek Krancher, Goodreads Reviewer
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The main characters are real and easy to love. The storyline is strong passionate, well written and it touched my heart.
Kitty McIntosh, Reviewer
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Never-Tied Nora left me feeling elated and joyful in a way no book has done for a long time. The wonderfully sexy and romantic story of Nora, a love-em and leave-em type and gorgeous red-head Ger was just perfect.
The Lesbian Review
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Never-Tied Nora is an erotic romance, but it’s so, so sweet. I typically hate insta-love stories because I don’t believe the “I love you” is earned, but not so with this one. They fall quickly from attraction to infatuation to love, and it’s lovely and fun to see it happen.

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