Cheyenne Blue
Almost-Married Moni in KU by Cheyenne Blue

Almost-Married Moni

This fabulous sequel to small-town lesbian romance, Not-So-Straight Sue, sees Sue and Moni tie the knot in an outback wedding stuffed with crazy characters and chaos.

Three years ago, lawyer Sue Brent proposed to doctor Moni Kratzmann in the corridor of the Royal Flying Doctor Base. Now, their wedding is on. As friends and family from near and far gather at Jayboro Outstation in outback Queensland, Australia, Moni and Sue strive to keep their wedding plans—and their lives—on track.

Between well-meaning families, ex-girlfriends, and a community that just wants to party, their wedding is set to be bigger than Moni’s home state of Texas. But is that what they want?

It’s a simple outback wedding. What could possibly go wrong?

About this book

Publishing date: December 2017

Author: Cheyenne Blue

Publisher: Ylva Publishing

Available formats: ebook

Tropes and themes:  established couple, same-sex wedding, found family, rural/outback setting, Australian setting, doctor and lawyer, books with horses

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What readers are saying about the book

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There is so much joy in this book, it’s impossible to describe. More than simply a love story, it flat out celebrates love—romantic love first and foremost, but also familial love and the love of friends who are like family.
Rocío, Goodreads Reviewer
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I have read and enjoyed all the books and I am thrilled to see all the characters in one book. There are wonderful conversations where we can see not only the love they have for each other but also funny moments.
Jasmine, Goodreads Reviewer
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This is a heart-warming tale, true to character, and true to the family of friends she's created in the previous three books. This is a short story that follows the Girl-Meets-Girl series, and we catch up with all three couples (and other familiar faces), although this book tells the story of Moni and Sue's wedding.

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