Cheyenne Blue
Blue Woman Stories II by Cheyenne Blue

Blue Woman 2

Love triumphs as opposites attract in the Colorado Rockies, an unwitting voyeur has an eye-opening encounter on an Irish ferry, and love takes a lifetime to arrive in the poignant Glory B.

Cheyenne Blue’s lesbian erotica has been a staple of many anthologies since 2000. This second volume of her collected work contains five more of her finely woven lesbian tales.

About this book

Publishing date: April 2018

Author: Cheyenne Blue

Available formats: ebook

Tropes and themes: erotica, short stories, collection, single-author

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What readers are saying about the book

Niki Crow
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This one's even better than the first one! Another batch of great stories from Ms Blue. 😀
Ameliah Faith
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Another Win for Ms. Blue!
Nikki "The Crazie Betty" V.
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As always, I was a huge fan of this Cheyenne Blue collection and am very happy to have be part of my library...Ah Cheyenne, you truly are a gem 🙂

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