Cheyenne Blue
After Happily Ever After

After Happily Ever After

What if the story didn’t have to end? We give you the after happily-ever-after for eleven lesbian romances.

Nine best-selling authors have come together to imagine what happened after the happily-ever-after in some of Ylva’s most popular lesbian books.

Discover the irresistible magic of the morning after, or the month after, or even years later. What happens when it’s not just about discovering new love, but letting love settle a little? What are these passionate lovers, fighters, executives, and explorers up to now?

These charming, funny, and entertaining short stories can each be read as standalone pieces to whisk you into new and different worlds…or immerse you in universes you already know and love, and can’t wait to revisit.

About this book

Publishing date: April 2020

Authors: Cheyenne Blue | Jae | Lee Winter | RJ Nolan | Lola Keely | Chris Zett | Rosly Sinclair | Alex K. Thorne | G Benson

Publisher: Ylva Publishing

Available formats: ebook | paperback

Tropes and themes: Anthology

What readers are saying about the book

Lex - Lezreviewbooks
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This is one of the best lesbian short story collections I have read in a long time.
Word Savior - on Ylva Publishing
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You might not have to read the novels, these short stories belong to, to enjoy them fully – but believe me, you definitely WANT to after reading this anthology, at least I do and it seems I’m getting a little addicted to Ylva published books.
Carol Hutchinson - lesbireviewed
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Just what I needed happy sigh.
A cute collection of after the happily ever after endings of some amazing novels from a handful of Ylva’s wonderful authors.

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