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Bookmarks and Bookplates – author swag

One of the good things about living in Australia is it’s so far removed from most of the world. And one bad thing about living in Australia is it’s so far removed from most of the world–this is especially true when it comes to mailing stuff.

Bookmarks and bookplatesIt’s expensive, it can take a long time, and customs in many countries can be sticky and difficult. As an author, that’s a difficult thing to navigate. If I send a book to the United States, for example, the postage costs more than the book. And I have to spend a long time filling in forms itemising every single thing in the package, and then a long time in the queue at my local post office while they go over the form in detail. A bookmark? Add it. A single lolly? Include it. A postcard saying, “Thanks for buying my book, I hope you enjoy it”. That too.

Many readers love paperbacks, and some love signed paperbacks even more. But unless that reader is in Australia, chances are they won’t want to pay the postage. I don’t blame them.

So, as a way around this, I’m now offering signed bookplates. This is a large sticker, personalised and signed, that you can put in your already purchased book. It’s not as good as a scrawled signature directly on the paper, but it’s a lot cheaper.

If you’d like one, drop me a line at and let me know where you’d like me to send it, whether you’d like it personalised (and if so, the name), and which book you intend putting it in. I just ask that you pay the cost of postage, and if the post office doesn’t shout at me, I’ll probably include a bookmark and one of those cute LOVE lollies as well.

Happy Reading!

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