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A Heart This Big – gone wide

A Heart This Big by Cheyenne Blue

My latest novel A Heart This Big, the story of Nina a single mum who runs a special farm for kids on the outskirts of Sydney, and Leigh, a high-profile city lawyer, is now available everywhere.

I’m really delighted by the reception the book is getting and was dead chuffed when it topped the Aussie Amazon listings the other day.

The way to any author’s heart is through a positive review, and A Heart This Big has got some ripper ones that made my day:

This book was just full of heart, it was just wonderful.- Goodreads Reviewer

It is a beautiful story and I really enjoyed the parts with the children on the farm.– Goodreads Reviewer

It really was the perfect slow-burn romance.– Lesbireviewed

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I hope you’ll check out A Heart This Big available from the usual suspects below:

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