Code-of-Conduct-400x600Too much tennis? No way. Wimbledon’s on the TV, there are short white skirts and tanned legs filling my TV screen and tennis is once again the focus of my life.

There’s also my new book, Code of Conduct, which is available everywhere today.

It’s the story of Viva Jones, ex-top ten tennis player, now battling injury in the latter part of her career. It’s also the story of Gabriela Mendaro, a silver badge umpire, whose ambition is to gain the elusive gold badge.

Players and officials cannot date. In fact, they can’t even have a friendly relationship. The officials’ code of conduct expressly forbids this. So when Viva and Gabriela forge a connection that transcends their respective roles in the game,  it’s not something easily overcome–not if Gabriela wants to follow her dream to gold badge level.

We look at the players when we watch tennis. That person high up in the chair? The linespeople with their upright stance, their implacable faces? Not as exciting as the players, with their glamour and effort, their high-flying lifestyle. But the umpires too follow the tour, often staying in the same hotels as the players.

It must be difficult to remain aloof.

If you want an exciting sports romance, if you want to keep that Wimbledon buzz going a while longer, then I hope you’ll check out Code of Conduct. It’s available from the following places:

Ylva Publishing


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