2018photo Strange how quickly a year can go past.

I’ve just looked back on the post I wrote this time last year (is it really a year since David Bowie died? And Leonard Cohen?). Must be. Is it really a year since American politics turned arseways? Must be. How about a year since the third book in my “Girl Meets Girl” series came out? That’s a bit better. Yes, Fenced-In Felix has been out for a bit over a year. Where HAS the time gone?

This time last year, I said that I could manage to write two full-length novels per year.

Have I managed that this year?

Party-Wall-300x200The short answer is no, but with a bit of a last minute squeeze, I managed to write two books this year, and have had two published this year.

Firstly, on the publication front, Party Wall came out in October from Ylva Publishing.  It’s part of a series from Ylva’s Window Shopping Collection, which has different writers putting their own spin on the same opening paragraph. If you like an enemies-to-lovers story, with a bit of drama, a bit of Aussie humour, two opposites attract  characters, and a supporting cast of female friends, then I hope you’ll give Party Wall a go.

As for the second book…In December 2017, Australia’s politicians finally, FINALLY stopped dragging their chain and passed marriage equality into law. This followed on from a contentious voluntary postal survey that cost us $22 million and in November returned the result that every poll in the last couple of years had already said: that a majority of Australians supported marriage equality. 61.6% of them to be exact.

Almost-Married-Moni-400x600In October, about the time I was supposed to be starting my next novel, I had the quite frankly bonkers idea of writing a short story  to celebrate marriage equality in Oz. When I put this to Astrid at Ylva, to my surprise, she was totally behind the idea. I gave myself two weeks to write it, and in that time my proposed 10K words grew to a bit over 21K. The good people at Ylva then rallied around in the next couple of weeks to edit, design a cover, proofread, schedule, format, promote, and finally publish the result the day after marriage equality passed into law. Almost-Married Moni is the fourth book in my “Girl Meets Girl” series, but like the others, it stands alone. You can check this one out for the bargain basement price of $0.99.

BW1_LRFinally, in 2017 on the publishing front, the first of my collections of short lesbian erotica, Blue Women Stories Volume 1: collected lesbian erotica of Cheyenne Blue  is now available on Kindle Unlimited, or you can buy that also for the cheapie price of $0.99.

As to what I’ve written in 2007, well, I was very derailed by Almost-Married Moni. It’s not enough just to write a book. The edits, proofs, decisions, emails, more proofs, checking stuff all take time. So my new novel is outlined, and sitting in Scrivener waiting for me to get back to it. I have about 2,000 words written, and the plan is that next week, I’ll once again put off doing my $@(%Y&@%&% taxes for another couple of months and have a first-draft marathon on my as yet untitled story.

I did however write one new novel, and there will be a cover reveal for that in the next week or so. All I’ll say right now, is that it’s a lesbian sports romance set in the world of professional tennis.

The rest of my life, well, that’s not so different. A day job (still), a life in rural Queensland, a huge deck with a view for coffee and wine, veggies to encourage to grow, a simple life of good food, wine, books, home-cooked food, laughter, a dear partner, and wonderful friends. A dog would be nice–a german shepherd or a jack russell terrier maybe, but not yet. There’s still so many places to go where dogs can’t come.

Various other projects have kept me grounded this year, but hopefully next year will include more travel. I’ll also follow the tactful suggestion of my doctor to move a little more and eat a little less. I guess that one is a hazard of the writing life.

I’ll end now with a snippet from a review of Almost-Married Moni. Tara Scott reviewed the story for LOTL Magazine.  The whole review put me on a fluffy white cloud of delight for days, simply because Tara totally got the book. She drilled down to its essence, and this nugget from her review perfectly captures the heart and soul of the book, and the reason I wrote it.

There is so much joy in this book, it’s impossible to describe. More than simply a love story, it flat out celebrates love—romantic love first and foremost, but also familial love and the love of friends who are like family.

Happy 2018 everyone.

Love is Love.

Cheyenne xo