Two things happened last week that were rather good. Or seriously awesome. Well, one is seriously awesome and the other is rather good. Either way, there’s a connection.

The first, of course, is that finally, finally, FINALLY, Australia passed marriage equality into law. On 7 December, parliament passed the law in a nearly unanimous vote.  LGBTQI+ couples in Oz can now register and in 30 days’ time, will be able to get married.

The second thing, not unrelated, is that I have a new novella out to celebrate this. Almost-Married Moni, book 3.1 in my “Girl Meets Girl” series was written and published especially to coincide with Australia’s vote.  And I’ll get this in now above the “Read More” cut–if you go to the Ylva site this weekend (9 – 10 December) you can download 22K words of happy, humorous, lesbian outback wedding for FREE.

I’ll wait while you do that. 🙂

Back? Good. Thank you for returning.

Over on Ylva Publishing’s site, you can also read a blog with some of Ylva’s Australian authors (and there are a few of us!) talking about marriage equality, and what the yes vote means to us.  There’s a link to the free book at the bottom too. Because, we’d hate for you to miss out.

While Almost-Married Moni is part of a series, all of the books stand alone. If you’ve never read any of the other books before, don’t worry. If you have, I hope you enjoy revisiting some old friends, as I did when I wrote it.

Almost-Married Moni will be up on the Amazons and on wide distribution in a couple of weeks–but it won’t be free. So download now, and enjoy a happy tale about an outback wedding that definitely does not go to plan.

Missed out on the other books in the Girl Meets Girl series?

Get them here, from Ylva Publishing, or on the Amazons, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, Apple Itunes, ,and many other places.

Never-Tied Nora