I haven’t done much reading this month. December is a hugely busy time in the day job (sigh), and I’ve also got a deadline to turn my latest manuscript into my publisher, Ylva, by the end of the year. I’m editing away and will make this deadline (I will squeak in with minutes to spare, but I’ll make it), but that means reading time is down to a few minutes before I fall asleep. Which is Queensland is about 9pm. Hey, I get up at 4am!

I’m not very far in to Slow River by Nicola Griffith, which I’m really enjoying, although finding I have to concentrate. If I drift off, the book’s changed to a different part of the protagonist’s life and then I’m all WTF?!

I’m nearly at the end of Jen Silver’s Christmas At Winterbourne which I love, although I can’t read that when I’m tired either as there are many characters to keep track of. Love the setting of the lesbian retreat in a mansion in the snowy countryside, which sounds quite delightful right now, as it’s a humid 33 degrees here and I’m sitting as close to the fan as I can get.

If you read Lesfic, December is a very good time to get your paws on some excellent free reading.

The ever-awesome Ylva Publishing (and I don’t say that just because they publish my stuff) is giving away a FREE book each Sunday in December, plus one on Christmas eve, which is a Saturday this year, if like me you never know what day it is. Today (quick! quick! get over there) is Fletcher Delaney’s  novel Without a Front: The Producer’s Challenge, which is book 2 in her “Chronicles of Alsea” series.  You can get that over at Ylva.

Then on Christmas Eve, you’ll be able to download my novella Never-Tied Nora, which is book 1 in my “Girl Meets Girl” series.  Keep an eye on the Ylva site on 24 December for that one.

December of course is also the biggest giveaway of them all.  HOOTENANNY over at Women and Words. Is this the biggest lesfic giveaway EVER? I’m not sure, but it sure seems like it. Dozens of books each day for twelve days. We’re at day 6 now, so get your little legs shifting in their direction. I’ve won a book already: Capture the Moon by JL Merrow and I’m looking forward to reading that one. Hootenanny is a great way of maybe getting a book from your favourite author or, even better, discovering a new author to follow. I’m proud to be giving away a couple of my books in this year’s Hootenanny. 🙂

Finally, it’s not just a December thing, but if you don’t know Bookbub they’re really worth checking out for lesfic these days.  In the last couple of months, I’ve downloaded free or hugely discounted books from Harper Bliss, Clare Lydon, and many more including authors not previously known to me. You get to pick your categories, one of which is GLBT, which is general enough that some might not be your thing, but that’s okay. There’s generally enough that is.

Happy reading!