Ever had a weekend when nothing particularly earthshaking happens, but it’s an excellent weekend anyway?

First there was brekky by the surf with dear friends. Then there was coffee and banana cake with my favorite feline, then there was 200 words written between tidying house and sunset drinks that started at 5pm and went on until 10.30 (note to self: next time include a dinner invite).

Sunday morning saw mist in the valley, and sunshine breaking through. Coffee from a local plantation, a decent block of writing time that added nearly 2000 words to my manuscript, which is Fenced-In Felix, the third novel in my “Girl meets Girl” series from Ylva.

The avocados are finally ripening. The pawpaw is not, but hey, I love green pawpaw salad. The lettuce is growing, the parsley has died, the eggplants are on the edge of bitter, but there’s limes falling off the tree and I think I have half a bottle of tequila somewhere, and you know what that means.

Margarita time.