20160313_140658I’ve had my head down and bum up on the writing front for the last few months.  It’s been terrific, and I feel I’ve made good progress. But this weekend, the only writing I’m doing is this blog post (oh, and a shopping list, but that doesn’t count).

I like to take little mini breaks away from writing from time to time. It keeps things fresh, and even though I’m not consciously thinking about my story, I’ll quite often have a little random thought pop into my head that time away has allowed to surface.   The last random thought was “must check the range of green tree frogs in Queensland” (Answer: pretty much everywhere, especially where you least expect them. Especially any toilet where someone left the lid up.)

March in south east Queensland is pretty shitty, to be honest. Humidity at 100%. Raining all the time. The sheets are damp when you get into bed. Stand still for five minutes and the mould will creep across the floor and up your leg. The veggie garden is one big rotting fungal mass, and even the eggplants have gone bitter.

But it’s not all bad. This weekend has been a stay-at-home weekend. Time to clean house, restock the beer fridge, and pick what garden produce is doing well. That’s it above:  the last mangoes from the tree, the last finger limes, Tahitian limes, avocados, and red onion.  And because my local butcher had some goat meat from NSW, I’m going to make Nepali Goat Curry, which will involve a lot of grinding and smashing and slow cooking (which will steam up the already humid and uncomfortable house even more, but oh well).  I’ll need to go and buy ginger, and mustard oil (which is where the shopping list comes in), and then we’ll open a particularly nice bottle of shiraz I’ve been saving.

Come Monday, it will be back to the day job, and–more importantly–back to my work in progress. There will be goat curry leftovers in the fridge, but I doubt there will be any of the good red wine left.