You know you’re busy when your partner has to ask you three times if you want a glass of wine and you just. haven’t. heard.

That’s what it’s been like in the Blue House on the Hill these last few weeks.  Sure, there’s a lot of the usual crap going down that anybody you ask will also be bogged in up to the oxters (Oxters. Lovely word. Needs a revival) but I’ve been running around like a headless chook with writing things. Which is a lot better than day job things, and administrivia (although one of these days I really must finish my tax return before the Australian Tax Office comes a-knocking).

What sort of writing things? Well, my biggest writing goal this year is simple: two novels. Now, I know there’s plenty of people out there to whom two novels a year is slacking (Harper, darling, I’m looking at you…. *blows kisses*) but for this little black duck, two novels = the sound of clicking keyboard for a large amount of my spare time. But so far, so good. I managed 35K words in 30 days between January and February.  I then took a break to edit the extraordinarily prolific (and most excellent) aforementioned Harper’s next novel, and I’m currently waiting for the edits on my next novel to come winging through the ether to me.

Next novel? Hell yeah, and I’ve been meaning to share the very beautiful cover for a while now.

Not-So-Straight Sue will come out from Ylva in June, so I’m not going to bombard you with details now, except to say: Cover. Pretty. Lookee.