BoywithambereyesOne of my favorite books of 2014 was a YA book by lesser-known writer, Katharina Marcus. Eleanor McGraw, a Pony Named Mouse and a Boy Named Fire was emotional, delightful, humorous, and touching in turns. Then there was her follow up novella Boys Don’t Ride, which I think I might like even better. Her stories, despite being “pony stories” on the surface, rather defy categorization, being young adult, coming of age, life lessons, a touch romantic, and yes, always with horses.

She’s got a new book out, one I’m looking forward to reading. Check out The Boy with the Amber Eyes, people, and if you go there soon, you’ll see that there’s a Giveaway going on.  (and hey, if you want to check out Marcus’ writing with no outlay whatsoever, Boys Don’t Ride is free.  Free wherever you find it —Amazon, Smashwords and all those other places.  If you download one free book this year, make it this one.

You can also read an interview with Marcus, and she seems as funny and delightful in her interview as comes through in her writing.