Never-Tied NoraI’m over at Lisabet Sarai’s place today, blogging about my new release, Never-Tied Nora.  You can check out my post about the firsts of  2015 here.

Talking of Lisabet, have you seen her book list?  She has a whole bookstore of her work, neatly sorted by category and genre. Really, check it it out. I’m now impressed by her organizational skills as well as by her writing.  I wonder if I can persuade her to come and sort out my kitchen cupboards?

While I’m sitting here, staring at the screen (and drinking coffee, because hey, it’s still early in Australia.  6am early), I’m looking at the cover for Never-Tied Nora, and thinking again how flippin’ gorgeous it is.  I’d buy the book, based on the cover.  Just saying.

Happy Sunday, people.  Time for me to go and stare at something other than a computer screen.  The landscape.  I think I’ll go and stare at that for a while.