I’ve been a bit quiet lately, although you would be forgiven if you said, “So? What’s different?”

I have a novella coming out on 2 December 2015 from those wonderful publishers of lesbian fiction – Ylva PublishingNever-Tied Nora is a contemporary romance set in London about Anglo-Irish rogue, Nora Kelly. There’s feuds and fights, banter and blarney, lust and love, and an awful lot of red wine. You can read more about this over at Ylva’s site.

In the meantime, I’m pounding away at the follow on story, Not-So-Straight Sue which is the story of the two secondary characters from Never-Tied Nora, Sue and Moni.  This book is set in outback Australia, and is a full-length novel.  I’m at the pointy end of the first draft, with maybe 10K words to go.  This morning, Word threw up the above error message which greatly amused me.

My first drafts are rough as guts, an upchuck the words onto the screen type of things.  I don’t spell check, or revise, or shuffle commas like a deck of cards. I don’t even look at the grammar, worry about Americanisms in my Australian English manuscript or vice versa.  I will occasionally check back on a plot point if my outline isn’t helpful enough, but that’s about it.

The hard work will come in the editing stage.  Then I’ll prune and polish, spell check and grammar check, look up a million things over at Grammar Girl, check on repeated words, missed words, typos, and in particular look out for my own personal stutters (I love the words mapped, traced, and ash-pink far more than I should. I use too many adverbs. And I absolutely mangle commas.)

And I also have a habit of starting sentences with “And”.

So that’s where I’ve been.  Another week, and I should have my first draft in the bag.

In the meantime, happy writing and reading.