This week is one where I wish there were twice the hours to play around with (or, alternatively, that I am Borg and don’t need to sleep, just regenerate every few days).

It started off with two fantastic, amazing things: Ireland voted overwhelmingly to approve same-sex marriage, and Eurovision.

Ireland is one of “my” countries. I lived there for nearly seven years, I love its quirks, its way of beating around the bush, its humor, its happiness. And now I love that it became the first country in the world to vote in same-sex marriage by public referendum.

Onya, Ireland! I feckin’ loves yis.

Then of course, it was also Eurovision weekend, and this made me nearly as happy as the Ireland vote. What’s not to love about Eurovision, and this time, Australia was an entrant. Oh the joy, the alcohol, the woe. It was all shades of amazing. And hey, Europe, we did okay. Want to invite us back next year?

Unfortunately, after that the week went downhill. Not in a really terrible curl up and cry sort of way, just too much shit going down, and a certain business in Colorado that I would like to smash into a million small pieces. I’m lucky I have good and true friends in Colorado able and willing to deal with them on my behalf. But the rest of the week has been too little sleep and too much to do.

In amongst it all though, I managed to finish editing a Harper Bliss novel, finish editing a short story submission of my own, and submit a couple of shorts to anthologies. Not too shabby, eh?

It’s now a long weekend for me, and I’m going camping. Just me, and my beloved, and a few bottles of red wine. Oh, and the final stories for my upcoming anthology “First” to edit.