Artwork from Floating Land, Boreen Point
Artwork from Floating Land, Boreen Point
I’ve seen a lot of 2013 round ups posted, so I’m hauling myself onto the bandwagon.

2013 was a fairly quiet year for me and mine.


Definitely down from 2012, which was a bumper year, but I’m still out there, hanging on. That should be my motto: Hanging On Since 2000. Fingers to keyboard. Brain to keyboard (whatever happened to those fingers in the loop? There’s a bypass, I swear there is). Writing achievements that made me happy included:
– 8 stories in print and pixels this year.
– worked with a new (to me) publisher, Ladylit, and new (to me) editors, as well as several Cleis acceptances.
– made it back into Best Lesbian Erotica 2014 after a gap of several years (which included making the short list on multiple occasions but not the final cut. There’s one year where my story is mentioned in the blurb, but didn’t make the book!).
– writing a foreword for the wonderful Alison Tyler.
– Got three stories out there in the waiting room at the moment (hmmmm, and one of those I better follow up).
– Wrote a bunch of new stuff too, some of which has already found homes.
– Downloaded Scrivener. Quite impressed. It might wean me off my pantser ways.
– FINALLY got around to adding in a way to track royalty earnings in my Spiffy Submission Database, which I developed myself oh, about 7 years ago. Now all I have to do is make the royalty tracking actually WORK, and I’m set.
– Decided this was the year to stop lurking around the internet and actually post stuff. Blog posts. Comments (only I’m not so good at that as bloody WordPress never validates me correctly. There are only so many times I can type in those slanty letters before I swear and walk away). Goodreads! (Adore Goodreads). Twitter!

I also have very exciting writing things in the pipeline for the start of 2014. 🙂

In no particular order. Still in Queensland, Australia, not going anywhere in the immediate future. A wonderful visit back to Denver and an even better visit to Montreal. Still housesitting. Exercise was a bummer in 2013 due to recurring injury, but have great hopes for 2014, thanks to a lovely Canadian physio who tortures with Active Release Therapy. Told old boss to get fucked in 2013 and wrote best resignation letter ever. Certainly the most truthful. Got a new job, working from home for more money. Perfected sourdough baking. Started making cheese. Cooked and baked a storm. Curry pastes from scratch. Made new friends. Nurtured old and dear friends. Read 76 books. Swore a lot more than usual (so that would be all the fucking time). Bought a house. Rented it. Time in the ocean. Time with animals. Time alone. Time in the bush. Time with my wonderful partner. Tennis time. Sunshine and sweat. Homegrown vegetables. Scattered ashes. Still adore my 1980 Volvo. Still buy clothes from op shops. Still try and own as little as possible. Still love those I love.

May you have enough in 2014.