I do most of my writing on a very old (like 10 years) HP Jornada 720. I love it. Instant on and off, touchscreen, runs word, full keyboard, downloads to the lappie. And tiny. A 7″ diagonal screen. Here it is – scroll down to the 720. I adore it. It comes everywhere with me, and I can pull it out in an instant to jot notes or write a paragraph without any long boot time. For years I’ve been buying them from Ebay (and a couple of lovely people have given me their old unwanted ones). But my current one has once again died, and they’re getting so old, I’m thinking it’s time to update.

Can anyone recommend me a replacement? Obsolete is fine if it’s only a couple of years old. In order of importance, it must have/be:
– A good QWERTY keyboard. Small is fine (and preferred), but the keys must be of sufficient quality for fast touch typing. Some small cheap QWERTY keyboards are difficult to impossible to use because of poor build quality.
– Small. Ideally no more than a 7″ screen.
– Run Office or similar that will download to office (eg Wordpad) although ideally would allow me to edit (ie track changes, red font), not just type.
– good battery life.
– Instant on and off or fast boot.
– Fairly robust, as it will be carted around in a backpack.
– Wifi
– Touch screen.

I’ve been looking at the Sony Vaio P series (ooooh, ORANGE!), the ASUS EEE PC.

Thoughts/opinions/suggestions welcome – what portable device do you use for writing?