Not just heat between book covers this time, although Alison Tyler’s “Morning, Noon and Night” arrived in my mailbox this week to heat things up. Not that it needs it – Queensland has been baking in 37 degree heat this week (ummm…98.6 in the old scale) which is plenty hot enough for me thank you very much. Hot enough to flounce around the house in a sarong and take an afternoon nap.

One of the highlights of this week has been watching the First Tuesday Bookclub’s presentation of “Ten Aussie Novels to Read Before You Die”. The list of the top 50 novels is here. I am happy to say I predicted what would come out on top months ago when this list was first announced – not that it was hard – Tim Winton and “Cloudstreet” is hands-down one of the best written, most beloved and most Australian of novels. As for the rest of the list — well, it’s not the ten BEST Aussie novels, so there’s a lot of old chestnuts and sentimental favorites in there.