I love to shop local. Buying from roadside stalls, farmer’s markets, and in the IGA which tends to have more locally sourced products rather than Woolies or Coles (the big chains).  As we were eating breakfast today, I started adding up how far our breakfast had travelled to become our breakfast. It stacked up pretty well.

Coffee from Columbia (bad start) with milk from a dairy 22 kms away.

Home-made sourdough bread (Australian flour) with a free range egg from a chook roaming around Ironstone Creek about 10km from here. Bacon from a butcher in Tewantin who does his own curing. Not sure where the pig grew up, but I’m sure it would be eligible for a Queensland driver’s licence (if it weren’t a pig!).  A sprinkling of parsley from the garden. Mandarin from the garden. Tomatoes grown by SO in his job in a local tomato nursery. Worcestershire and Tabasco sauce from god knows where but bought from the IGA.

All in all, not too bad.  Mind you, my normal eating wouldn’t be nearly this good, so I can’t hoist the virtue flag too high. Chocolate from Cadburys via Woolies because it’s close to work. Wine from Victoria because Queensland wines are diabolical and expensive. Crackers from Italy. Dumplings from China, edamame beans from Japan, and a whole heap of Asian condiments from the Pacific rim.

How far did your last meal travel?