Alison Tyler is a goddess of erotica. No, really, she is.  When you pick one of her anthologies from the shelf, you know it will be filled with classy, hot, well written, steaming stories.  I’m at home with a cold right now, chock full of cold medicine which has sent me (and my blood pressure) stratospheric, swilling gallons of turmeric and ginger tea*, and reading “Cold Comfort Farm”. How appropriate.

However, I wish I were reading Alison’s upcoming anthology “Morning, Noon, and Night: Erotica for Couples” instead, because the line up is enough to make my mouth water, even after a surfeit of pseudoephedrine has made it drier than the moon.

A story for each hour of the day (and an extra).  You can see the table of contents over on Alison’s blog. In the meantime, check out the cover. 🙂

My story, “7 a.m. Change of Shift” is about a night nurse who returns home after her shift just as her partner, a junior doctor, is waking up for work.


*Turmeric and Ginger tea – it helps if you live in the subtropics where both grow freely, and it helps if you have a lovely friend called Judy who grows both in her garden.  But assuming you can get hold of fresh turmeric and ginger, then slice both finely, about half a mug’s worth, and steep in boiling water. Judy adds black pepper, but that tastes weird to me. Drink and keep drinking, hot or cold, topping it up with fresh boiling water for up to three days. After that it starts fermenting, which sounds interesting but is probably not in the best interests of health and hygiene.