I have a story out in e-book form by JMS Books, a publisher of GLBTQ titles. The story, “Dublin Buy and Sell” is a lesbian romance, set in Ireland. Frances has been alone since her lover, Aisling, left her for a girl with cropped hair and a tongue stud. Urged by her best friend to “get fit, get a life, get a lover,” Frances responds to a personal advert in the Dublin Buy and Sell from a bi-curious woman seeking a first time experience.

Ebooks are a new one for me — all of my previous acceptances have been in print anthologies, websites, or newsletters (promotions and the like). I’ve never had an ebook, with my name on it out there.

Anyway, the point of this post is to ask, shamelessly but nicely, if my trusted friends group (that would be you) would be so awfully kind as to click on the below link, poke around a bit, like it on Facebook, Twitter or whatever else those funny buttons are on the top, and maybe recommend the story to anyone they think would be interested.

Take a look at it here, read the excerpt, poke around the site. There’s a lot of great reading on JMS Books.

Cheers and Beers xox