I love writing for Sacchi Green (alone or with her wicked co-editor, Rakelle Valencia). Her anthologies are classy, hot, and always an excellent read. I’m very proud to be included in her latest: “Lesbian Cops: Erotic Investigations”.

Sacchi is kicking off a blog tour to promote the book; it starts in…. um… it started on April 1.

Here’s the schedule:
April 1 – April 1 JL Merrow

April 2 – Jove Belle

April 3 – Delilah Devlin

April 4 – R. G. Emanuelle

April 5 – Andrea Dale

April 6 – Kenzie Matthews

April 7- Ily Goyanes

April 8 – Cheyenne Blue (well, gosh, golly, crikey, that would be me!)

April 9 – Evan Mora

April 10 – J.N. Gallagher

April 11 – Liz Coldwell

April 12 – Teresa Noelle Roberts

April 13 – Lynn Mixon

April 14 – RV Raiment

April 15 – Annabeth Leong

And if that list of writers isn’t enough to get on onboard, here’s the cover:

Lesbian Cops: Erotic Investigations